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    License plate light

    Years ago I used a Gen-Right license plate lamp on my lowered C-10. I loved it cause it was LED, had a light for the plate, stoplamp, and taillight. I have built a tire carrier of my xj. I want another light like I had, looks like gen-right doesn't have them any more. Who make those or...
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    Heim joints and the noise

    Kinda sounds like a 80s band name. Hi all, I installed upper and lower control arms in my 89. Bds fixed length uppers and ruffstuff single flex adjustable lowers. Both short Arms, I am around 2.5" lift with 31" k02 The bds have a large rubber end, I also pressed in new axle side bushings. The...
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    width of steering box spacer?

    Im giving myself a little DIY project, fabbing up a spacer and plating the outside. . Im hoping some one would know off hand what is the over all width of the spacer? thanks, Kyle.
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    Parts off 97 zj?

    I scored a zj for free. Im going to take the front ujoint axles and front driveshaft. master and brake booster. Intake, harness, ecm (everything to someday convert my 89 to obd2). That's all I have planned to do. It has a d44 rear, I don't care for it, but it has disc brakes. Are the discs...
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    kingsley Reservoir area OHV

    Is any body familiar with this area? A friend and I where thinking of going out there probably the first weekend of December. Is it still open then and if so what are the conditions usually? Snow? rain? thanks, kyle, Bend.
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    CAD and a SYE

    89 4.0 aw4 231. I still have a functioning CAD d30. I installed a PORC sye about 4k ago. since the main shaft is larger they have you remove the needle bearings in the front sprocket chain drive. Since I still have the CAD and the chain is not spinning while the mainshaft is, will the sprocket...
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    speedo gears in IPC noisey

    89 with idiot light IPC. When its cold out the speedometer it self make a squawking noise, like dry plastic gears. I haven't tore into it yet. Just wanted to know if I can take the iPC apart and lube the mechanism for the speedo. Also,what lube would I use? graphite? thanks, kyle.
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    What rear driveshaft to use?

    '89 aw4 231 8.25 I'm at about 2.5" lift all around. I need a sye. I don't now how people get away with out one, I guess I'm that lucky, anyway.. Will a auto xj front driveshaft work on the rear post sye install? I have a ZJ front driveshaft, it had a 4.0 aw4 242. It looks about the same length...
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    Santiam OHV

    Does anybody know the conditions out that way? Might do a wheel/hike date with my lady
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    help with noise

    89 aw4 np231 8.25 d30 2" lift Ok, Ive had grinding noise with light throttle at speed ive been tracking down for, oh.. 5months or so. It happens at 35+ mostly. My pinion angles are within 1* and I have no vibration. New u joints, swapped d35 to 8.25, used the d35 shaft so I have plenty of slip...
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    Slip yoke travel

    How far does the rear slip yoke travel when put through a complete rear suspension cycle? Say on a older style 231 with internal slip yoke
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    Shim pinion down?

    Anybody else need to shim the rear pinion down after 2" long leaf aal? My angle finder shows I need to angle the pinion down 4*. My theory is it put more curve in the leaf pack so the shackle angle is closer to vertical, pointing the pinion up. Any insight? Btw: 89 np231 aw4 swapped from d35 to...
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    OME leafs

    Im looking for OME 2" leaf springs. Where do I buy them and what is the part number? medium load. Ive searched and haven't found what im looking for. OR.. does anybody have a suggestion for a 2" leaf spring"?
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    Overload or helper leaf spring

    89 4dr 4.0 aw4 What would be the effects if I removed the short factory overload leaf? I have a 2.5" RE long aal that put the rear to 3". I'd like it to be @2.5" Thanks
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    good replacement distributor

    '89 4.0 renix Whats a good replacement brand for my renix? Other then the obvious factory unit. thanks