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    Nov Run

    We have the Providence Canyon run set for Nov. The only Saturdays I have available are the 7th and 21st for this run. I have never been there so I could not lead it. When did we want to set this up?

    Description and Rules:

    Description and Rules. Intermountain Geostash Challenge Date August 14th-16th 2009 Description The Intermountain Geostash Challenge will be a run involving your jeep, a GPS and your thinking skills. Taking place in the Uintah Mountains in of Northern Utah. How it works Throughout...

    Reported Post

    In the "Encode Ammunition " thread MT Mike reported that SCOTTMCNEAL's advatar had the F-Bomb in it, did someone address this or was it the "OMFG" in the body of the post that MT Mike reported? Later in the thread KIDARKITECT used "fuct", I also think that should be addressed. I am mainly...

    IC on the Rock's again???

    For the spring Moab event I was thinking that it would low key, maybe Friday Pot Luck type dinner but no raffle or prizes. Our GeoCache event should have that. Just thinking of making the trails in Moab this spring the main attraction for every one. Let me know what everyone here thinks. I was...

    How to handle/view possible problems

    I am just trying to think ahead and consider how to view the response from people on the threads in the Intermountain Chapter. I understand that you do have rights to points of view but sometimes it just seems to totally be antagonistic and really does not belong here. I think Dan is out of line...

    Oil Pan gasket

    Just pulled the Oil pan to replace the oil pump. Bought a Fel-Pro OS 34308R rubber replacement gasket for it. Appears that exactly the same gasket was used before. Oil pan came off and cleanly separated from the gasket which stayed intact on the block. The old gasket looks like it is in great...

    Detroit Truetrac

    Front D30 Truetrac limited slip for sale, out of 97 that has stock axles and 4.56 gearing. Around 350.00 new, best offer.

    BFG MT 33X12.5

    Have a 33X12.5 BFG MT single tire that is my spare tire, never been used but it is about 20 months old. Thinking on changing to a 33X9.5 for my spare so would consider selling for a decent offer. Let me know. Tom

    Try #2 GRN97XJ

    Posting a pic from a new host site to see if it works. Let me know if this can be seen.

    Pick test IDgrn97xj

    XJ after BDS lift.

    Front D30 Warn Lockouts

    Even though to some it would seem like a waste to upgrade a D30, has anybody actually installed the Warn Lockouts on a 5 on 4.5 D30? I really don't want to go the D44 route. I have a 3 inch BDS. 31X10.5 ATS Goodyears, front TruTrack and rear Dana Traclock (8.25 diff), 456 gears and SYE already...

    XJ Info

    I am considering trading from YJ ownership to XJ ownership and have a few questions. Were there any XJ's with factory D44 in the rear? Is there a difference in the D30 in my 1991YJ as compared to the front axle in the XJ or are they the same? Lot more questions so any suggestions as for a...