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    Getting ready for SCF.

    Anyone else have a list of crap to get done before so cal fest? I do... Rebuild control arms Install front frame stiffeners Replace oil pan Replace down pipe Regear front axle and install I'm sure there is more I'm not thinking of. Let's see your list if you have one?
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    tf904 reverse not engaging

    Not sure if im posting in the right area. Heres my issue, I have a Art Carr built TF904 (2wd)with full manual valve body, reverse pattern with Art Carr shifter. I cant get the jeepspeed to go in to reverse. If the jeep is rolling and i shift fast from 1st to reverse the trans will grab reverse...
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    Friday trail run

    Anyone planning on get there early Friday and running some trails? I'm on 33s and locked up front. Would volunteer To lead a trail but I've only been up there once and still somewhat a newbie to rock crawling.
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    WTB 265/70/16

    I'm looking for a set of 4 265/70/16, or two 245/70/16 may even work for right now. Just need some that are going to hold up for a few months till I can get new ones.
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    1990 comanche

    Need to get rid of the comanche I picked up a few months ago. Please check out the craigslist add for info. Looking to get $2500 obo.
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    Have extra room @ 73/74

    I have a double site for Friday-Sunday. Do to Grimm, my wife and buddy not being able to make it i'll have a ton of extra room. If anyone plans to come last minute and doesn't have a space I got you covered.
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    Who's camping Thursday?

    When I booked my site Thursday the 1st was not available yet. I booked a double site and don't see the need of paying $60 for myself for one night. My question is if anybody has space for me to camp with Them Thursday night I'll be glad to pay half of the fee for one day. I would like to attend...
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    I'm looking for a hitch for 98 xj also the plug in harness.
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    98 cherokee

    I hate to do this but do to my truck being in the shop and my wages are about to start getting garnished. I need to free up some cash. I have a 98 Cherokee sport 6cyl 4.0 2wd with 168,xxx runs good as of right now this has been my DD and have had no problems with it. It has drop in KN filter...
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    OC diesel mechanic?

    I would like to avoid the dealer, So I'm checking here to see if any of you guys know or have a good diesel mechanic here in the OC. Would be nice if it was close to my home Garden Grove area so it wouldn't need to be towed. Its a 05 F250 6.0, yeah yeah... no need to start in on the powerjoke...
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    parts train help?

    Anyone able to help parts train a set of rims and a tire to the ie or oc from darkly in 29 palms?
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    fs: adjustable tracbar

    I bought this and never ended up using it. Here is the previous sellers info on it. Rough country adjustable tracbar. Good for 1.5-4.5in lift. Replaced the tie rod end about 3 months ago. This is the older style, I bought about three years ago. Bushing on axle end is still in good shape. Will...
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    I'm in need of a few things to move the jeepspeed to my drive way I need a set of cheap roller 33's and a rear axle (d35) would work for mock up. 33x15x12.50 or 10.50 Let me know what ya got. Also need a hood and fenders don't care about the year or color ( fiber glass would be a plus but...
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    Xj stuff

    Bare Dana 30 housing built by Curt LeDuc. My plans have chaged and I have no use for it now. Would like what i paid for it $300 link to pics and info fully trussed ford 9" housing, set up for an XJ, 35-spline shafts, stock XJ width(60.5"...
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    repair shop/ auto shop owner

    repair shop/ auto shop owners? I had some one that had allstate hit the back of titan that hit my f250. Long story short they only want to pay $120 to replace the bumper pads when the bumper is a inch off. They didn't even come out to look at it witch means my wife had to take the truck to...