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    How to get Stranded

    So, I'd like to hear from the rest of you all to put together a list of things that, if they failed, would leave you and your Jeep stranded in the middle of nowhere. I've only been hopelessly stranded once. With a friend and my dog. I had to walk six miles to a place where I could get phone...
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    NP231 shift positions?

    I feel like a moron, as I've done this before, but my aging brain has forgotten how the shift tab on the NP231 is pointing in 2HI. I tried Googling it...but it's not there (that I can find) or a picture would be nice in all 4 positions. TIA P.S. I know I should get an aftermarket...
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    AW4 fixed...but not!

    Hello Jeepers, I posted awhile ago with a transmission issue on my 88 MJ. I did not think the transmission was shot, even though the truck would not move, although the engine ran fine. It felt to me like a torque converter, so I took it to a shop and the guy told me my torque converter was...
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    AW4 no go. Torque or Tranny? Any tranny specialists?

    Hi there, I drove my 88 MJ to work (25 miles), highway speeds, no issues. Went to lunch, it made a kind of screechy, metallic sound for about 5 seconds and the truck stuttered for about 1/4 mile. Parked at work, got in it to go home. Put it in reverse...nuthin'. Coasted out of my spot...
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    Door Problem - What to do???

    I had a day today. First the door hinge on my shop disintegrated, then the spring in my spring loaded hinge on the garage/kitchen door threw a spring. Down til tomorrow. BUT - then I went to go to the hardware store and the drivers door on my MJ wouldn't close. Crap. So I messed with it...
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    Ball Joints - best, cheapest source?

    My former my son's...needs ball joints, according to the alignment shop. They quoted him $550 for both sides. I've never done ball joints but I know him and I can do it in an afternoon for less than a third of that. It's eaten up a couple sets of used tires. He's on a tight budget...
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    Oil - What'll this do??

    OK, so I made a rookie mistake when I did my oil change yesterday...I'm not sure if I need to fix it or not, my MJ...4.0...AW4...190K I bought the oil off of a display at the Zone. All (almost all) the jugs said 10/30. I also grabbed the sixth quart off the rack. Drained the oil, changed...
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    Ball Joint R&R - what do I need to know

    I've never done ball joints. My son was told he needs passenger side upper & lower. They quoted him $475 for one side. I know I can get decent parts are less than $100...although the shop told him they are $140 per side. This a highway driver, not much off-road if any, so I don't need any...
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    End Links - Busings & bolts

    I was swapping out my summer tires for my snow tires yesterday and found my sway bar end link at the bar end was super loose...and I found why. The bushing is gone. The other side is there, which is how I knew the driver's side is missing. Thing is, these bushing have less than 3K miles on...
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    Can this be a 98??

    Looking at the Jeep in this ad. Flares Header Panel This can't be a 98 can it. 97+ changed the whole header panel/flare/grill right??
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    TCU differences - HO > Renix

    Other than the obvious differences in the color of the connecters (one is light gray 87-89, the other is green 91-?) for the different TCU's can anyone tell me what the difference is in the two TCU's. Are the pins in different order??
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    Torque converter question...lock-up

    How can I tell if my torque converter is locking up...or not. I think I have a wiring problem after my AW4 swap. Was working it feels like I'm hauling an anvil behind me. I've read the Everything You Wanted to Know thread so I don't need a link to that. Thanks.
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    Tire Mfg. Codes??

    Can anyone explain how to read a tire manufacturing code. Not the tire size, but the multi letter/number code that indicates the manufacturer info and date.
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    Does It Matter? Heater hoses

    No Heater Control Valve Does it matter which heater hose goes from/to the t-stat/water or bottom. Which way does the flow go? t-stat to heater to water pump OR water pump to heater core to t-stat?
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    Voltmeter - reading low??

    Hey guys & gals. Got a Q about my 88 MJ, 4.0, AW4, 4x4 My dash volt meter reads 10 or 11V when running with no lights on or accessories turned on. When I turn on an accessory it blips just a hair, when I have the light on and an accessory (lights, fan, etc.) it rides right about...