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    5 16" TJ Rubicon wheels

    5 wheels with dry rotted tires. $200 or best offer. Go ahead and low-ball me. A guy wants to buy 1 for $70, so if you only want 4, make an offer for those.
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    Need an exhaust shop

    I need a SoCal exhaust shop that does good work and is trustworthy. I need a down pipe with the 1999 grapefruit sized pre-cat grafted into my current exhaust and done so that it does not put stress on the exhaust manifold (so it doesn't crack again) and I need someone that can find and fix...
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    Need to borrow 4 32" tires

    Does anyone have 4 tires (preferably mounted on XJ rims) about 32" that I can borrow for about a week and 20-200 miles? Mine are dry rotted and I can't afford new ones right now but I need to get a smog check. I might have to get some registers set, so I might have to do some driving, but if...
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    1943 Ford GPW Restoration

    I have a 1943 Ford GPW that I bought 4 years ago that is in my garage awaiting a full restoration. The frame has a couple of cracks, but it is all there. The body has several parts that have rusted away, but all the major parts are there. The engine has not turned over for many years, but the...
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    Purple Is The New Chrome rock rails

    My XJ got new rock rails with the cage so the old ones are for sale. They are still purple. If you pay full price you get a can of primer. Located in Yorba Linda. No hardware, just the rails. $50
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    Saturday Sept. 30th Medium difficulty run

    I am picking up my XJ, Purple Is The New Chrome, tomorrow morning. The next free day I have is Sept 30th. I would like to take it out on a "kid safe" run, like Cleghorn, doing all the hard stuff. My wife hasn't blocked off the date yet so right now it's about 75% that I can go. Is anyone...
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    Overhead Console

    I have an overhead console (tan cloth) from my 1999 XJ that might be for sale. I don't know if I want to hack this poor thing up to have interior light, so I figured I would list it here in case someone really wants this thing. In exchange for it, I would like you to help me find something I...
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    Remote Module in Overhead Console

    I have removed my overhead console and personally don't mind that the remote for the locks does not work without the module that was in the overhead console, but I was wondering if there could be some issues with the built in security with it removed. I had a 1991 that would often set off the...
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    Rear SYE driveshaft

    It has a click in the double cardon joint but the rest is in good shape. Made by Dan's Driveline of Las Vegas. Was between a hack-n-tap SYE on a np242 a XJ d44. It's free but I am NOT delivering it, unless it is to the next Adopt-A-Trail.
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    Adopt-A-Trail Workday - April 22nd

    Usually we follow some jerk around on these but he won't be joining us this weekend. So, who wants to go, what trails to you want to run (2N49, 2N47 (Cleghorn), or 2N04), and where do you want to meet? The easiest for me would be to meet at the start of 2N49 off Palm in San Bernardino, but we...
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    Running 2N49 right now

    2017 04 15 1142 Mom wants the boys out of the house so we are going up 2N49 from Palm for about 2 hours. Picking up trash but there are big pieces (mattress, bumper, etc) that I can't get. #need a pickup. 714 865 0210
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    WTB: Reliable 4-door

    My Jetta TDI is going back to Volkswagen and I need a daily driver. I was thinking about buying a GTI, but that would just get me into trouble so I think what I really need is a reliable XJ. The only requirements it that it is reliable and it's a 4-door. Preferably no off-road mods, in fact a...
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    1987 master cylinder

    Master cylinder from a 1987 XJ. Free.
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    5 TJ Rubicon 16" rims

    $250 OBO I can't remember if I paid $400 or $500 for these. I was going to use them on my YJ or keep them as spares for the XJ but I could use the money now, and they are taking up a valuable space in the back corner of the garage that Santa could use to hid large toys. They are the same as...
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    Is there going to be an AAT workday in August? I am busy next weekend but I am free the first weekend of September if I get my smog done by then. Maybe we could do 2 in September?