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    looking for 1990 4.0 exploded diagrams- not fsm

    anyone have a link to or a copy of a exploded diagram for a 4.0 engine? My co worker wants to have a look at the internals before he digs in. We have fsms. we have chiltons. no good diagrams. somewhere there is surely an exploded view of this engine. let me know. :wow:
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    WFF/WTB- XJ rolling chassis- front end wreck ok

    WFF= wanted for free :yelclap: 2 or 4 door, whatever you have. I am after an unwanted XJ chassis for phase II of my project. The only requirements are that it has a title and is not wrecked from the windshield back, and rolls. I just need the chassis and all cabin glass so the remains of a...
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    George W. applies to Texas hardware store

    no shit. I love this country! :worship:
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    user profile suggestion- vehicle make?

    I am a member of many automotive forums (bmw, ford etc)and one thing that I notice on the better organized ones is that their is a field in the user CP area somewhere to list your car. then it shows up by your avatar or location details when you post on the forum. this helps in the tech areas...
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    1990 xj: metal to plastic fuel cell swap?

    Hey guys my truck seems to have a leaky tank and I am wondering if I can switch it to a plastic cell from a newer XJ? What is involved with the swap?