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    Killing Me to Sell My 91 XJ

    Selling my Cherokee to buy a house - Mechanically perfect Artistically a trail rig rat rod with a good Body (no off color follow ups) Someone more NAXJA savvy can post my Craigslist pics or you can look at the ad 1991 Jeep Cherokee built...

    DIY Dual Battery Isolator $50

    This article on Expedition Portal is excellent and makes an isolated dual charging dual battery setup simple and affordable. BTW... also humorous!:cheers:

    Scenic Wheeling Picture Thread

    My Heep on top of the mountain in Baja- Those clouds are over the Pacific. My daughters are showing off.

    Factory skid plate issue

    okay so I have a 1991 limited I tried to put on a factory skid plate over the gas tank and apparently I have a non standard size gas tank and it won't fit over the outer lip. So my question is do you think that I can lay over the lip with a hammer in order to get the skid plate on? I have to...

    Moving gotta sell quick n cheap

    Have the following: 3 wheel spacers 4.5 to 5on5.5 conversion ... no idea what happened to the 4th! $15 ea buy 2 get one free... 4 cragar soft 8's $85 red $100 non red YJ tube doors $50 Warrior YJ shackles 1.5 lift $25 OME adjustable track bar $65 TJ flares $20 NP231 $40 just swapped for a 98...

    Lincoln SP175 Mig w/ Gas Bottle - $700 (san leandro)

    See Craigslist ad for photo- This is a great deal. Includes the largest bottle (empty, but owned) the stand and misc wire as well as a long extension cord for you dryer hookup guys. (NASCAR edition if you care!) There is also an aluminum kit available for this unit under $100, unlike the Millers...

    Some suggestions 98 head on a 91

    Hey guys need some suggestions. Found some water in the oil on my 91 and had a 98 head sitting around that I knew was good so I saved $100 by having it rebuilt vs. getting a reman. I also used the purdy 98 valve cover. Now I have created a couple of unanticipated issues. The 98 head does not...

    Serious irritation...tnt truss

    Ok, so I got this great deal on an 86 waggy d44 in the gear ratio that I needed and am as bonus it's recently rebuilt with a lunchbox locker. So I buy a tnt truss and it's really a nice piece. Welded it on after checking it over to make sure it had every thing I asked for... Then after...

    Parting out a 98 XJ

    So my daughter got in 2 wrecks with her Cherokee and I am parting it out. Mechanically it is fine. I am taking the front fenders and grill shell, otherwise it is complete and runs. I also have: Another HP30 with a 4.10 gearset and carrier in it- No outers just 297 inner shafts. Has had...
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    Baja Mexico Home Build & Trip Feeler Thread

    A few pictures of a trip I took last November to Ensenada, Mexico. My friend Paul Holman of Gettin' Off 4x4 club and I participated in an event called Love East Bay and we used Paul's trailer to take a prefabbed loft home to a family of 3 outside Ensenada and get them a real...
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    Single Stage Dupont Close to Bay Area

    So I went to the local paint store thinking I would get some single stage heavy equipment paint to make my Heep all one color again, while prettying up the bodywork etc... What do I find? $200 a gallon plus activator and catalyst because they no longer sell the higher VOC Dupont ($50 a gallon...
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    8.25 Alloy Axles

    Posted on Craigslist- Good bargain
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    Strange Afternoon- Cat Converter Fire?

    So I replaced the water pump and radiator in the XJ yesterday and reassembled the jeep, fired it up and it ran fine at first and then started barely operating, so I revved it to see if it would simply clear up. I was leaning over the throttle looking down and see a glow under my XJ. I wonder...
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    Anybody need a welder? Terrific Deal 175 Miller Just saw this... $500 with a full bottle and cart- Insane deal!
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    F350 4x4 on Craigslist

    I just spotted this and can't swing the funds ($799), but it looks like someone does not know what he has... Looks like an 88 dually... Probable Kingpin HP60 front and Dana 70, Sterling or Dana 60 rear. If someone from Sierra chapter buys it...