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    Happy Birthday Boatwrench

    :party: Hope its a good day for you.
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    Happy Birthday Boatwrench

    Happy Birthday Big Brother. party1:
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    Catalytic converter needed

    Seems the catalytic converter on my 2001XJ is starting to go. So far the dealer is quoting me $1,400. for the part. Anyone know of a better deal, somewhere in the Bay area. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks Mary
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    driving in snow question

    In a stock XJ, How deep does the snow have to be to be impassible? Just curious. Thanks Mary
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    Things to see on vacation

    I am planning a trip in the Motorhome back east and would appreciate any tips on things interesting to see or do. My route is leaving San Francisco heading south to I40 then east to southern Missouri for Memorial day weekend. Then I am heading to Inks lake state park in Texas for a week...
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    New Photo assignment: DIRTY

    Okay I will make a suggestion. Especially since anyone out wheeling should have some recent material. The new word for now is DIRTY Mopping the DIRTY floor
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    My week in Moab

    Monday Met up w/TUXXJ to cache Fisher Towers area Castle Valley Up in the La Sal Mtn Finishing w/ a sunset dinner in Arches NP Tuesday here we come
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    Happy Birthday Boatwrench

    Oh another year. Happy B-Day to you Big Brother. Mary
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    Pics From the Geostash

    Here are some shots of the fun
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    Geocaching trip...Genoa Peak Road

    I am planning on going geocaching next Thursday July 12th, along the Genoa Peak Road, Nevada side of Lake Tahoe. The cache on the peak is my goal to leave off a Red Jeep Commander TB...however there are several located along this road. For a description of area here is the goal cache page...
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    Harlee&Tahoe are you OK?

    Hope you are safe and the fire has spared you. It is dry all over this state so everyone be careful.
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    Doonesbury Honors...Seth Stanton

    Don't know if anyone saw it, but Doonesbury has been running the names of soldiers killed in Iraq for the last few weeks. Well this past weekend comic held the name of our own Seth Stanton(XJFire). Middle top box, first line, last name.
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    Planning on coming

    Well it looks like the planets are alligning and we can come after all. Looking forward to seeing everyone. Mary
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    Eastern Sierra trip...a little wheelin and caching

    Over the weekend Boatwrench and I ran over the Tioga Pass to the Mono Lake/Mammoth Mtn area to do a little geocaching. We had a great time and our XJ's got a good workout. I did not realize how much wheeling potential this area has. Lots of caches placed out here too. Many of them requiring...
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    Geocaching...Travelbug release

    Today I finally got to release one of my XJ Travel bugs. Named the "Rubicon Pirate XJ". It is starting out in a cache near Hollister Hills SVRA. It is at... It will be interesting to see where it...