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    NacFest 2020 Discussion Thread

    Hey all! Figured I'd better get the ball rolling early on general discussion for the 2020 Fest. Obviously we know we have a set date, and should probably get the word out sooner than later given the difficulties in getting sites at Twin Grove. So, let's get chatting about what we'd like to...
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    NAC Secretary-Treasurer Election.

    This election is for position of Secretary Treasurer for the North Atlantic Chapter for the remainder of term. Members, please vote for one: Poll closing on 9/3!!
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    NAC Treasurer Special Election Nomination Thread!

    Hello all! We have an opening for the Secretary Treasurer position. Duties include management of the club monies, PayPal account, and link for the ez register account that processes registration monies from any events. Term for this election is for the remainder until next chapter election...
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    Treasurer position special election!

    Hello all! We have an opening for the treasurer/secretary position.. Our current position holder (lobsterdmb) is heading out for deployment soon and will be away for some time, soo.. We need volunteers for the position. It will include managing the chapter monies, preparing and...
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    Treasurer position & monies.

    Hey all! I'd like some input on a situation that's come up. Johnny (lobsterdmb) is currently our chapter treasurer but will be away on deployment soon, and away for some time. Jordan has, to his credit, continued to monitor and manage the club funds through the transition. However, he has...
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    Nacfest 19...after the fire!

    Hey all! To everyone who contributed and attended, I thank you so much for all your help, before and after the event! This was a bigger one, and from the feedback I'm getting a pretty darned good one, so again, thank you all for any and all of your contributions, large or small, it did...
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    Registration and t shirt count!

    Hey all, it's getting close! Just a reminder that preregistration needs to be done by no later than June 1st to guarantee your event shirt! Rich
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    Annual NacFest Yard Sale!

    Anyone attending this year with stuff to sell or trade? Anyone coming who's looking for that special something? POST HERE!
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    Nac Fest 2019 registration is open!

    OK everyone, this link is also on out chapter page but it needs to be here too! For those people coming for the first time, welcome! Anyone with any questions about the event details feel free to pm me and I'll help in anyway I can! Rich.
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    NacFest 2019!

    Hey all! Definitely time to get some discussions going about the event this year and what's left to make it happen, be better, and run smoothly. I welcome any and all suggestions it looks like we will be hosting some folks from the MWC and also there will be new faces to NAXJA as a whole, so...
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    2019 and forward....

    Hello, all! Happy New Year to everyone, hopefully now that the holidays have died down we can get back to business.(?) Just an update, we have the food in line for 2019's nacfest, from Buddy's, already in the bag. I'm also in regular touch with the guy who does the shirts for it, no...
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    December 15th Ride Swap Meet!

    Anyone coming up for the ride on the 15th post your goodies up here! WTB or WTS, doesn't matter. If you need it, maybe someone's got it!
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    Xj/mj 2.5 parts

    I'm in the process of pulling apart my MJ for a future build. It has a good running, but oil and grease soaked 2.5 in it. Before I basically trash it all, could anyone here use it or parts from it? The radiator is in great shape, and as mentioned, the little feller ran awful strong. Let me...
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    Lots of goodies. !!

    1. OME cs033ra 3.5" medium load leafs. New with new Moog bushings, never installed. 200$-SOLD 2. Bulldog 10014 8000# winch with synthetic rope. New in box, sacrifice at 400$ 3. Used RaDesigns manual shift control for aw4. 40$-SOLD 4. KJ based rear disc conversion. Complete with new...
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    Aoaa september run!

    Tim (Skorpyo) got the ball rolling with this some time back..... Prepping for Moab makes that impossible for me.. .....hello? Anyone? You can't complain if you don't commit. It's not that hard.