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  • Hi Russ, I live in Covina and need to have the head on my '98 4.0 gone through, just a stock rebuild.
    I blew my radiator today and pushed my lucky trying to get home.
    Best case is I popped #1 head gasket, worst case cracked head.
    Anyway, just need to know if your interested in the job, I will pull it and bring it to you.
    the engine has 200k on it, uses very little oil between changes (5k) and most of that is a slight rear main and valve cover leak.
    I have no intention of going into the bottom end.

    Let me know, thanks, Dean 626 224-1600

    Looks like I'm in the market to get my '96 4.0 rebuilt. Cal refered me to you in a thread, and Grant Curtis told me about you rebuilding engines awhile back also (did his?). Anyway what's your schedule looking like? P.M. me you number or give me a call at 949-355-7206.


    Chuck Sutterfield
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