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    Need 0630 Rebuildable head cores

    I just recently picked up 20 7120 cylinder head cores from my core supplier in Las Vegas. For some reason he hasn't been able to find any 0630 castings. I'd gladly purchase the later HO castings from anyone that has some laying around. Thanks, Russ Shop (626) 967-1000 Cell (626) 673-2203
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    Happy Birthday Cal

    Happy Birthday Cal! No better way to celebrate your birthday than to wheel with your friends.
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    Happy Birthday David Bricker

    David Turns 60 today. Happy Birthday my good friend!!
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    WTB Pass side spindle for my 91 2WD MJ

    As the Post says, looking for a spindle for my shop truck. The Jeep dealer tells me #53002932 spindle is out of stock and discontinued. Checked all the parts stores including Napa. No replacement made by Crown. Let me know if you guys have or know of anything. Thanks
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    Wanted: 3K Transportation Car or Truck

    Just tossing this out. My son is looking reliable car to buy for about $3000.00 Let me know if you know of something. Thanks.
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    MJ Dana 44

    This came out of my 91 2wheel drive. It's open and guessing it most likely has a 3:55 gear in it. It had a bad axle shaft, but might have a replacement. I'll have to look. Your welcome to the stock leafs also. $100.00
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    Happy Birthday David Bricker

    Happy Birthday to my East coast part time West coast friend. :party:
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    Edelbrock head ported

    Just finished working over Edelbrock's 4.0 Jeep cylinder head. At first impression to be honest I was a little disappointed. Maybe because I wasn't realistic. I hoping the head would have my wish list of changes. Such as raised valve cover rail. Larger OD seats to help facilitate the utilizing...
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    Edelbrock head

    Intake port Stock Intake port.
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    Edelbrock head

    Intake port
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    Edelbrock head

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    WTB Hood, Fenders, Grill

    My Son was driving my 94 XJ and was involved in a front end collision. Looking to buy or help locating all the front end sheet metal and grill Thanks
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    WTB Pitman Arm

    I'm in need of a non-reamed Pitman arm. If anybody has one locally, hit me up. Thanks!
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    Happy Birthday David Bricker

    Happy Birthday David! Shout out to Old Guy's that wheel hard. ;) :party:
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    Looking for a good tire repair guy

    I have several full tread comp/sticky tires that have sidewall cuts. Let me know if you know of a good tire guy that can and is willing to hot patch repair these tires. They will only see dirt and rocks and never be driven on the road. Some are plugged and holding air, but feel better hot...