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    1 Ton steering?

    I am in the process of doing a 1 ton steering upgrade on my D30 and want to know what guys are running for bar lengths? I will also be flipping it on top of the knuckle. I am getting the ends tapped the length of the tre's I will be using 1.25 DOM Any help is apreciated. Mike
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    T&T Longarm measurments

    So I recently upgrade my axels and took measurments of everything and wrote it down on this little peice of paper before ripping it apart, now it has mysteriously disapeared. My Q is, people who run this system at 6'' or so with 35's, what is your eye to eye measurment for the lower control...
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    Revolvers and a Trac Bar

    Anybody run a Trac Bar on the rear dif with Revolver Shackles? I searched and got alot of revolver only stuff.
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    Pics of Dual Battery Setups

    So I want to set up Dual batteries in my 88 XJ 4.0 4dr Ltd. I have thought out a couple of ways, and was just wondering if any body had pics of there layout. Mike
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    D44 Newbie ?

    Yes I tried the search button first, but it did not really help me. I have An 88 Cherokee 4 dr limited with 3.5 lift 31,10.5 15s and I want to upgrade to stronger axles so i can run bigger tires. My problem is I'm no pro fabricator and want D44 front or rear which ever is easier, bolt in swap...