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    Renix era stuff needed for a friend:

    I'm looking to help someone "restore" an MJ that her father gave her about 15 yrs ago. She needs some cosmetic pieces-parts that I'm out of and is willing to buy...... but it's still just a beater at this point, so it's not concourse restoration parts that she wants (or wants to pay for) she/I...
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    how smart is the OBD-l ECU?

    I'm trying to wrap my brain around what might be a very simple question: Will the ECU ignore an O2 sensor that reads rich or lean if it sees an injector circuit fault at the same time? back story with specifics: -- 1994 XJ with 2.5L low output 4 cyl. -- injector circuit malfunction code (27)...
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    happy birthday!!!
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    just became the proud owner of a Blackhawk trans. jack

    It's a 2000# capacity monster jack (model 67562) that I'll probably never have a need to use, but I'm wondering if they are a reputable company and if it's worth trying to rebuild. I Google-searched the name and didn't really come up with much (except that they're quite expensive!) and can't...
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    anyone ever work for Wal Mart?

    I'm thinking of taking a second job for the holiday season and the local Wal Mart is 24hrs/day-- something I would require as a retail manager for my primary job. I know a retail store is what the manager makes it, and I'm not looking for "store specific" concerns-- I would just like to hear...
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    anyone paying less for gas?

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    wiper transmission woes and possible solution:

    I'm suffering from a disconnect between the knurled/splined part that the arm mounts to and the shaft that's supposed to turn it. It looks like the splined mount was just staked onto the shaft and has come loose. Has anyone ever had the misfortune to deal with this? Do you thing drilling for a...
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    what makes an AC vacuum pump good?

    I just got a free AC vacuum pump from an old employee (used to work for me in our shop) and he used this pump for years. I don't have much info on it and can't seem to find much on the interwebs. the only info it's got on it is: 120 volt 60 hertz 2.4 amp White Industries Model 01020 I would...
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    any changes in the head gasket?

    If I were to put a 0331 head from a 2004 TJ (TUPY casting) onto a 2001 XJ, should I be concerned with the factory change to a "multi-layer steel" head gasket in 2004? I'm wanting to save my buddy a few bucks if possible. I can't see any changes in the block surface, and the gaskets appear to...
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    babysitting a TJ for 13 months....

    A friend of mine has left for Afghanistan (USMC) and had trusted me with his 2004 (4.0l, 5spd,4wd...) until he returns. It needs a clutch and an intake/exhaust manifold gasket-- two questions: 1) how in the name of everything holy am I supposed to get to the bottom int/exh bolts?? It looks like...
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    2.5L throttle body upgrades?

    I was recently given a 4.0L throttle body ('94ish) and was told it would "wake up" my little DD 2.5L (1994,5spd, 2WD) Does anyone have practical experience with the swap-- done it, seen it, read about it? I've searched a bit a don't see much on here (maybe I just suck at the search...)
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    predictions for 2011

    I thought it would be fun to make predictions for the calendar year and hopefully return in December to gloat or eat crow. I'll start off with two: 1.) Phillies over the Red Sox 4 games to 2 in the World Series 2.) the next post will contain a prediction that does not come true who's next?
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    ?keeping thieves from seeing your goodies?

    I spent Friday doing my typical Christmas eve shopping and realized with each stop, that I don't have a good way to keep the young ruffies from checking out my goodies. How do you keep things hidden (too big to fit under the rear seat) when you have to leave them in the heep? I know some XJ's...
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    4 cyl harmonic balancer durability

    I have changed the balancer on every one of my 6 cyl XJ's at one point or another, but have never had a 4 cyl until now-- does anyone have first hand experience on the durability of the balancer for the 4 cyl engine? I am experiencing a noticeable "whine" on initial start up when the temp is...
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    I think my doggie is cheating on me

    here's my doggie and the latest Lexus commercial. at 0:16, I think my doggie owes me some royalty $$$-- what say you?