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    HELP!!! Rumble and slight vibration at low speeds.

    Primarily using phone for accessing site and Search tool not working on my Naxja mobile version. 2001 XJ 6.5 IRO long arm. I've noticed over the past month that when coming to a stop or when driving slow through parking lot I start to hear a rumbling and feel some vibration. It comes and goes...
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    2001 CJ - Green or Orange coolant?

    G-05? Green? Always had mine changed at 4x4 shop and never asked. Too many conflicting answers online and parts store not sure
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    A/C compressor kicking in with heater (no heat)

    2001 XJ. While troubleshooting heat issue, I realized that my A/C compressor is engaging and disengaging every 5-10 seconds. Could this indicate a dash shitch issue that's also preventing my heat from working? Blend door and motor are working properly. Heater core hoses removed and flushed...
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    2001 XJ Heater issue

    Need any help available. Here's what I know so far. 1. Heat blows cold 2. Blend door and the electric box that changes blend door is working. (More info below) 3. I removed heater hoses up near water pump and flushed in both directions with good flow. 4. I removed only the exit hose from...
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    Search help or advice. 2001 Heater

    I'm sure this has been posted before but unable to "search" on phone. Drop down menu won't drop down. 2001 XJ Anniversary No heat at all A/C is great Had some trouble with vents in summer but reconnected ball in bumper and it fixed A/C vent issue. I have good water pressure coming out of...
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    Heavy rear bumper sag solution?

    I have a 6.5 inch IRO long arm lift on my 01 XJ. I added a RC front winch bumper and winch which caused a little dip. I added ACOS spacers and all good. Now I'm looking to add a Smittybilt rear tire carrier bumper. I'm guessing that was cause some sag in the rear? If so, how can I level it...
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    A/C going & coming

    A/C very cold when it works. At first, it would blow cold in dash vents but then change to defrost vents without notice and then back to dash later. Air would be cold then just room temp. I learned that the plastic ball in the front bumper I had removed, while installing a winch bumper, has...
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    Saw this today

    I couldn't believe what I was seeing. 8 XJs on a hauler in Pennsylvania this morning.
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    2001 XJ Speaker Size?

    I have a 2001 Anniversary Edition XJ. I want to upgrade all 4 speakers but not sure what size they are and what else might fit? I read they could be 5.25 or 6.5 inch? Also read that 6.5 might fit in 5.25 spot but magnet may hit front windows in doors? Traveling for work right now, so can't...
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    NC 4wd / Jeep shops

    Anybody got any suggestions on a shop that handles a lot of Jeeps? I found Tarheel 4wd in Charlotte, Galloways in Richfield, and Wilson Offroad in Fayetteville, but really don't know who is the better option or if there's otherals. Any suggestions?
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    NP231 Oil pump question/issue

    Installing megashort SYE. I just noticed that the oil pump teeth aren't mating with the splines in the shaft. I thought it was a new sye issue but when I put my stock shaft back in to compare, the same thing? I haven't ever looked inside the Trans case and didn't notice this during...
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    Need help! $

    I just posted a thread to the Modified Tech forum About the Rugged Ridge mega short SYE that came with my IRO lift. I've never done this before and barely have any experience with the transfer case. Hoping someone can answer the questions I posted. Mainly about the Tune Ring and why I don't...
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    Rugged Ridge Mega Short SYE NP231

    Need help!!! I bought a lift with SYE from IRO. The box says it's a Rugged Ridge kit. This photo shows the parts included. There's a round disc called a TONE RING W/OILING HOLES? I have no idea where it goes, how it goes, what it's for, etc.....
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    SYE install questions

    I've been looking for a decent video that shows the most details for removing Trans case, installing SYE, and replacing Trans case, but haven't found much. Never done anything with Trans case before, so I'm trying to avoid the unexpected and want to have everything I need before I get started...
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    Rough Country 9,500 Winch Installed

    This was about the easiest project yet. Other than my RC winch bumper bolts already being torqued a few weeks ago and making it a little tough to line up the mounting bolts, the rest of the install was very easy and only took maybe 30-45 minutes. Installing SYE right now so was able to test...