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    John Bull 8am run

    Meet out in front of Serrano Campground 8am 33s and two lockers, or 35s+ and one locker. 10 rig max please.
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    Where are you camping?

    Post up your campsite, and what time I should stop by for beverages:cheers:
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    SCF forum is open

    Come on over and say hi
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    Welcome to the socalfest forum

    Where: Serrano Campground, Evening star loop When: May 5-7 2017 Who: Naxja SoCal chapter and friends
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    SoCal Chapter Holiday party- save the Date

    Its that time of year again for the annual SoCal chapter Holiday party. When: Dec 10th Where: Brendans house in Long Beach More details to follow
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    Runs, and run leaders

    What kind of runs would you guys like to do this year? Same ol john bull, gold mountain, holcomb, and a scenic run? Anyone interested in being a trail leader?
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    SoCalFest Date has been set

    Ok, you have asked, and your BOD has delivered SoCalFest will we the weekend of 4/29-5/1 More info will be coming soon
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    Happy Birthday

    Mother FALKer!:party::party::party:
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    Carpool: SD to AAT quarterly meeting tonight

    Ill be heading out of SD around 4 with Some items for mr. Bricker Anyone else interested in going to the Quarterly AAT meeting? You know you cant resist that Sizzler food
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    An end to the patriot act?

    Im not sure if you are all aware, but there is currently a push not to re extend the patriot act. Please call your congresscritters and tel them how you feel.
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    Sign up for Holcomb Creek - Saturday

    10 vehicles max 31s &2 lockers, or 33s and 1 locker required Body damage is possible Ham radio encouraged 1.dumptruck 2.vanimal 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
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    synthetic winch line

    Thinking about crossing over to the dark side, since the winch is out for a full rebuild. The cable that is on there is likely original, Warn placed the build date at AUG 78, yes 1978. Where are you guys getting yours?
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    AAT Quarterly meeting, carppol from SD to corona

    I will be leaving after work about 4pm to head up to the quarterly AAT meeting. Anyone want to ride along?:wstupid:
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    Where spot are you in?

    Camp associate will be at site 79
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    Souskefest 2015

    Feb 19-22 Cougar Buttes, CA For those of you that have done this in the past, you know what a good time it can be. See you there!