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    WA Junkyards?

    Looking to hit up a junkyard or two this weekend for various Jeep parts, wondering if anyone had a favorite yard they liked. Hoping to stay on the i5 corridor between Seattle and Portland. Thanks guys,
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    Denver Metro CNC Metal Cutting

    Does anyone have a hookup on someone in the Denver metro area that has CNC plasma cutting abilities? Ideally Id like to work with an individual who has a home based Touchmate type table as I would assume a shop would kill me on setup fees and the like. I could have sworn I saw a thread on...
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    WTB: Roof Rack

    Looking for a roof rack/roof basket similar to a Surco style of "safari rack." Family member is asking for one, hes in high school, dont judge him too much!:lecture: Anyone have one they dont need any more? Its going on this bad boy. Edit: Should have also mentioned I am looking for...
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    Anyone in Denver Metro with a Welder?

    Looking for help to weld two small patches in an XJ floor board this week. Im in Denver, I will drive should I need to. Wed night will be tight but I can do it, otherwise Thurs or Friday late afternoon/ night works. Patches are cut out, and area is clean, would be about 12" of total weld. Its...
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    Engineers, I need your input

    Im working on designing a modular bed rack for my pickup, and am trying to figure out the strongest mounting system. I tend to overload stuff, and while I doubt I would really break anything, its worth asking, right? The green mounts will be welded to the bed rails, white box will span the...
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    Durango Peeps- Local hikes?

    Taking the girlfriend down to Durango for the weekend to do the Durango/Silverton narrow gauge rail road, and also wanted to tie in a hike. We are staying in Durango, but we will have a car to drive to trailheads and such. Found a couple websites describing trails, but I cant really say what...
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    A Favor Gentleman

    Guys, my girlfriend is take a class at DU for a masters program and needs people to take the following quiz. Its a quick survey about fast food, should take you under a minute. Then, after you do that, click on the below for your...
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    Shop In/Around Portland

    My dad needs to have some frame stiffeners, Clayton long arms, and AJs Offroad rock slidders welded and bolted onto his XJ. His resident Jeep mechanic is living in Colorado, and I cant easily fly my welder out and install these parts for him. Does anyone know of a shop in or around the...
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    Evil Death Sticks with high cap clips and semi Automatic funtions

    Should be banned, and everyone knows it! . . . . . . . . . Thats a joke, please dont taze me bro! Please read some of the comments. You will be amazed at what your neighbor feels about...
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    Rubi Take Offs

    Does anyone have any experience with running JK Rubi take off wheels and tires? Or more specifically the tires? Looking at a set thats pretty cheap, but am rather hesitant about running BFG MTs as I have never really heard good things about them. Ive been reading mixed reviews about these...
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    Denver Electrician

    I am finally at a spot where I would like my welder hooked up in my detached garage, and am in need of an electrician. Garage is detached from the house, off the alley in the back of the house. Its about a 30' span from the panel to the garage. I would have no issues running 120, but this...
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    Stolen: 1999 Blue Jeep Cherokee

    Stolen last night sometime, 10/22/12 from Denver. I live around Broadway and Alameda. 1999 Jeep Cherokee California Plate #: 5SFH094 Light blue "Clear Corners" Hella 500s on the front bumper Has a 2'' OME lift and Rubicon wheels. Replaced the tires with some BFG AT/KOs. Some older pictures...
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    Junkyard Finds

    Not sure where to put this, so Ill just make a new thread for it. I was at the U Pull and Save off 76 and saw a couple things people might want. 1. Drivers drop lb D44 out of a '86? FS Cherokee. Looked complete minus the steering, had drive slugs on it. 2. Super charged 3.8 out of a Pontiac...
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    Building engine coffee table

    Simple question, if you were to build a engine coffee table, what engine would you use? If you havent seen them, get out from under that rock. :D But the kicker is, it has to be an obtainable block. I wish I could afford to buy a Ferrari V12 block, or an old aircraft engine, but...
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    JKS Track Bar Double Shear

    Seems like a simple question, but Im second guessing myself. Is it possible to convert a JKS trackbar to use a double shear upper mount? I have the JKS trackbar on my Jeep, which has ~2'' of lift. Due to shitty driving and/or roads the stock upper bracket has wallowed out the mounting...