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    worth a shot...WTB

    Looking for a set of new/used 12"-14" rebuildable remote reservoir shocks. Fox, King, Bilstein, Race Runner, Sway a way, etc. I need two, but would also be interested in 4. Thanks, ~ Stump
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    A/C compressor delete.

    I feel like I should know the answer to this, but either don't or can't remember. I searched a little, but didn't find the specific answer. Im building my 1996 XJ into a buggy. I have removed everything to do with the a/c, dash, a/c lines, the whole thing. I want to get rid of the a/c...
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    XJ/MJ front winch bumper for sale.

    Last attempt to get this out of my way...
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    Bumpers, Winch, Trucklites, etc. FOR SALE

    As most folks know by now, I got in a fender bender and insurance ended up totaling my Jeep due to some axle/body damage. I took everything off of it to sell to try to recoup some of my money as the settlement was not exactly generous due to the age and mileage. Please note, all of these items...
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    Lockrite Locker for sale, Dana 30.

    I have a used, in great shape, Lockrite Locker for a front Dana 30 axle. I just pulled it out of my recently wrecked Daily Driver XJ, and I no longer need it. I bouhgt from someone on here maybe a year ago, and have about 7000-8000 miles on it since then. When I purchased it, I ordered and...
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    Country Fried Weekend, 2014. Dont miss it!

    Im cross posting this from Its simply copy and pasted from that site. If you have question, let me know on here or on their. Myself and a few others have been doing this event for a few years, and it gets bigger and better every year. The original/official thread is here...
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    Rear winch bumper with swingout and winch included.

    Gonna go a different route on the rebuild of the Teal Bitch in the back. With that being said, my rear set-up is for sale. It will come with the winch, Viking synthetic winchline, and a wireless remote setup. The winch is the newer model Smittybilt 8000. Its only had 4-5 pulls on it. The...
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    A sneak peek into the Omix-ADA/Rugged Ridge warehouse

    I just met Josh (revmaynard) at his place of work a little while ago. With some huge help from him, we were able to get his company to donate a nice 20,000 pound recovery kit as well as a synthetic winch line for the NAXJA Giveaway Cherokee Project as our SEC portion of the donation towards the...
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    wanted to borrow...

    Anyone got any dimple dies I can borrow? Figured it be worth asking before I buy or make a set...
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    Praise? Gripes/complaints? Ideas?

    Lets hear it. This was our (myself, Nick and Tim's) first crawl running the show. Most of what we did, we used from the previous years as it seemed to work, as well as a lot of guidance from Ed, Mark, and Glenn. Constructive criticism/praise please, not looking for this to turn into a bash...
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    Cabin still available.

    I just spoke to Stephen (Steven?) at the campground and he asked me to mention that he still had a medium size cabin available with a shower/bathroom and other amenities for anyone interested. It might now be a bad idea for a bunch of tent folks who want to go in together since all the rain in...
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    Southern Rock Racing Series, Gray Rock

    Anybody going? I was thinking about heading over to watch, never been to one. Just seen a 1000 videos on You Tube from them. Its the Aug 3rd weekend at Gray Rock (just outside of Birmingham.)
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    Four (4) Hella 4000's HID Converted.

    I am looking to sell my four Hella 4000 lights. They have been converted to HID, and have BRAND NEW HID kits to go in them. The new kits include new bulbs and new slim line ballasts. The kits are still in their boxes. They are in 5000k color (brightest/white) and are 35 watt systems. These...
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    Sliders, Cage parts, and Exo parts

    Just throwing this out there. As most know, I am re-doing my Jeep and subsequently have a few parts that someone out there might want. First up, sliders. These are made out of 1-1/5" .120wall, and are weld-on type. You or someone you know will need to do a little fab work to get them on your...
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    Need pinout for 1994-1995 XJ, connector #114.

    Please dont post any pictures of manual or diagrams, or link to the same. I just need a written pinout for connector #114 on a 94-95 XJ. I have a manual for the 96, but it doesnt help me since that connector is different. Thanks, Stump