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    I want the cooling fan to turn on @ 210*

    and not 220*+.. This is on a 96, has anyone tricked the PCM to read a slightly lower resistance (as to not effect the A/F ratio) on the CTS to make this possible? Adjustable CTS? Inline filter? ect? For some reason I like the idea of the engine running 200-210 instead of 210-220+, must be...
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    2 dr suspension seats

    Anyone make a suspension seat that folds forward,..besides the Mastercrafts for over $500 each:shocked: I was originally going to get the PRP daily drivers untill I realized I need something to fold forward to access the back seat.(have kids) That or any one built some hinged bases to make...
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    FRONT CA length, upper vs lower

    So Ive got my 3 link (front) designed with proper geometry but have not been able to find the answer to my dilema. the single UCA will be 18-20" long(depending the AD% I like best) and the lower CAs will be 26" long. I would prefer to have the lowers longer @ 29-31" to make mounting much...
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    STOLEN Red XJ Sport w/31" MTRs

    If this is against the rules let me know and delete ect. Apparently someone wanted my wifes red XJ but didnt want to pay for it. Was stolen last night or this morning and somehow they got it out of here with only one LCA in the front. Hell i moved it 3 parking spots without the LCA and was...
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    Traction bar

    I am designing a traction bar for my XJ. The axle wrap is now breaking parts so time to do something, better late than never... My plan is to use the standard Sams Off road/MORE style setup. I will probably be buying some precut axle brackets I found on one of the pages Ive searched. A...
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    J-arms/front suspension geometry

    Same post on Pirate but in searching I found some of you are running this setup, any advice? On my current XJ I have a radius arm front suspension consisting of a single upper CA on the drivers side. While this works well and the arms are tucked up flat inside the frame rails, I am wanting to...
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    RE CAs, TB & JKS discos

    $90 JKS quicker disconnects 4-6" lift $80 RE3781 Control Arm SR2 Upper Front Fixed $100 RE3700 Control Arm SF2 Lower Fixed $100 RE1600 track bar w/ factory drilled bracket +shipping, or I will pay shipping for all above to same address. Will have pics up tomorrow and are off vehicle...
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    JL Audio vantage aka stealth box

    Fits a 10" sub, good condition only have had it installed a few months. Was NIB when I got it. Will post pics this evening or tomorrow. $250
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    XJ lift parts

    These items will be available in the next few weeks (as soon as I gather all the stock parts to replace them.) $20 1.75" poly coil spacer $70 JKS 1" shackle $100 JKS quicker disconnects 4-6" lift $80 RE3781 Control Arm SR2 Upper Front Fixed $100 RE3700 Control Arm SF2 Lower Fixed $100...
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    Cheap solution? (leaf sag)

    Search impared so I'll ask... RE 4.5" passenger side leaf is finally sagging about 1.5" and possibly has less spring rate. I could buy another new RE leaf pack and be done with it but not for that much money. I am thinking of an AAL(junk yard find) or a full perch length block(will make...
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    MJ tow rating

    Ok after searching and searching and finding very little... My MJ is a 89 long box 4.0l auto 2wd. The rear end is a D35 but if I use this truck to tow with a 4.10 disc equiped 8.8 will take its place. As well as WJ front brakes, large tranny cooler, electric brakes, ZJ V8 coils and an AAL...
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    What gets grounded only on start up?

    When the key is in the start position what gets a ground signal? Then in the run position it does not. This is on a 90 XJ what I am swapping in a 96 column. This is the only differance beween the wiring I havent figured out yet aside from the cruise. Would think that in the start it only...
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    Ignition switch question

    On a 90 XJ what does the issolated portion that only makes contact on 'start' control? Reason I ask is I'm swapping a 96 steering column into my 90. I have figured all the wiring out with the exception of this and the CC which will be another story all together. I have tried to locate it in...
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    21spl NP 242 w/ RE SYE

    out of my 90 XJ, works fine no vibes $250 OBO + shipping Must go Can deliver Seattle area
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    91+ guage faces on 90?

    Interested in getting these.. These list as 91+. Im not interested in the white ones and the only reason I'm interested in these to increase the visability of them as mine suck even after taking them all apart and cleaning the dust out and...