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    any SD members

    have a german shepard that needs a good home. 4 yrs old, partially trained. loves wheelin. he's a good dog, but big. my daughter movin to small apt, and has to get rid of him this weekend. please call me at 909-855-0026
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    john bull socal fest

    man, what a day. thanx tons to brad for leadin and helpin guide. JB is the toughest i've ever seen it. there were rigs on the trail way better built than mine, but every dam one of us got stuck (temporarily) in the same spots. we didn't break anything (other than one of my mirrors), and we...
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    need a little help

    tryin to get both xj's ready for big bear fest- my x-member was cracked 1/2 way thru, so changed it out, but found one of the bolts broken at the head. i don't have the tools to drill it out & tap it. also got 3 bolts that hold up the t-case skid plate that are stripped. any help i can get...
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    even tho the run was cancelled, a few of us went anyway, hope some pics will get posted. lots of slip-sliding, a little towing, little winching. all made it out, including a tacoma 2wd
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    quick questions

    have 2 xj's - 1 w/ 3.5 lift, 1 w/ 6.5 lift son been drivin the 1st (white xj), & somehow came up missing one of the quick disco bars (they screw in, have retaining nuts, & keeper pins) - need to replace this. black xj (6.5 bastardized lift} has no sway bars at all, but can't find any on-line to...
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    deep creek

    anyone runnin deep creek this next weekend i can join up w/?
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    apologies to CAL

    I was wrong to go after cal. He's good peeps & has helped alot of people in this club, including myself. I know better than to think he would've run a trail w/o checking on legality. He Might have thought a little more about "gray-areas. (cuz he on the BOD) but given the chance, I'd run that...
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    cleghorn closure

    i have a few things to say, then ya'll can have at it. the national forest is OURS, we pay to maintain it, we pay the salaries of those who r supposed to preserve it. we PAY user fees. bottom line, the national forest has ALWAYS belonged to THE PEOPLE, not the minions who run the system based on...
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    OMG - skwerrly is ARMED

    He bought a gun (w/ a scope) at the gun show yesterday. don't know what he bought. i'm now lookin for property in new mexico or colorado! Hide, duck, cover!!!! JK, derek, if u need help settin it up, let me know
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    big bear

    since i didn't get to go, i'd love to see vid or pics, can't seem to find anything. point me in the right direction. derek was up there, so i KNOW there's some good stuff to be shown
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    new wheelin baby

    my daughter got ultrasound on her baby - she in good health & so is her baby. i ecstatic
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    need fence-building tools in spring valley

    tryin to help my daughter & her new hubby re-build a 50' section of fence. need: wheelbarrow hoe circular saw think i have e-thing else i need. they on a tight budget, so any help would be appreciated. we'll be doing this early on 5-1-10 thanx
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    i got 2 xjs, & can't run a dam thing right now. i work 6 dys a wek at odd hours. used to be mon-fri, now i don't get that. i wanna run trails before socalfest, but that ain't gonna happen. not bitchin, just venting frustration, hope ya'll get that. BTW my daughter is newly re-married & is...
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    verizon important info

    my wife & kids were on facebook & wanted the free ringtones, they didn't know it, but when they entered their cell #'s they activated a "premium" account billed directly to our cell phone, @9.95 a piece. took some research, but you can block this "premium" bs thru your carrier
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    i just read the thread from cowboy @ a boy missin for 3 mos - while wheelin - last year it was an experienced jeeper who wandered into the mojave desert. every year it's peep doin what they shouldn't be doin by themselves & ALWAYS they leave their vehicles to go find help - worse move u can...