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    One ton brake soft pedal

    Alright, so I’m wrapping up my ton swap. 07 sd60 front, drum brake 14 bolt rear. Dodge 2500 mc and the dual diaphragm 96 Xj booster. I’ve bled these brakes for over a half hour and the pedal still feels like crap. It’s super soft up til the last inch of so if travel. Granted, the 14 bolt...
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    Hp 30 housing and locked 8.25 and stuff

    Hp 30 housing, knuckles, 3.55 gears. No carrier, shafts, hubs, brakes. Had a rough life. Doesn’t look bent or anything. Came out of a driving Jeep. It’s been stripped since I took the picture $50 Locked Chrysler 8.25. Lock right locker. 3.55’s. Complete out to the lug nuts. $200. 4.5” lift Xj...
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    WTB 37+ tires and wheels

    Wtb Looking for some 37+ tires and 8x6.5 wheels. Id prefer 16.5 or 17s I would like to stay less than $650. Closer to Mid Tn the better. But Im not afraid to drive a little for the right deal. Let me know what you got.
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    05+ SD 60 Swap

    Sorry if this is in the wrong spot, it can be moved if needed. I've spent the past hour searching with no luck. Does anyone know of a build that someone swapped an 05+ super duty 60 front in and reused the stock radius arm brackets? Trust me, I know the pros and cons, I've been told by...
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    Rustys LA xmember measurement

    Hey guys, I'm swapping a set of Xj rustys la's into an 89 s10 for a buddy. Does anyone have a rustys la xmember that they wouldn't mind measuring the separation in the control arm mounts. I just need the measurement from inside of mount to inside of mount. Thanks in advance
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    No start

    So, I loaded my 96 Xj country on the trailer, strapped it down and decided to throw on some rock lights at the last minute. At some point, I forgot that I had the switch on while routing wires and it sparked against my cage. Which now brings me to my problem. When you turn the key to run, the...
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    ISO ecm for 96 Xj

    Anybody have one laying around or happen to be parting one out?
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    ISO Dana 30 locker

    Anybody have one laying around?
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    Hey guys, I'll keep this as short as possible. I'm not very active on this board. I mostly just lurk around for knowledge and drool over builds That being said, my wife and I need a hand. Over the last couple years we have experienced 5 miscarriages. Had every test possible, only to have them...
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    How big are your nuts...

    That hold the tcu on the dash? I know it's a dumb question. But previous owner removed the lower section of the dash and zip tied the tcu in place. Therefore, I am nutless. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Built 44/9

    Posting for a friend. I'll just copy and paste his add Selling my axles. Asking $2200 firm. Currently under an explorer. Will not separate. You buy them, I'll pull them tomorrow. These are the specs and retail prices. 9" full width housing from 79 Bronco w/pinion guard- $125 Detroit locker-...
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    96 Xj interior and doors

    Located in Lebanon, Tn. Price is obo. Just want it all out of my way. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Xj gas tank skid

    Looking for a used Xj gas tank skid for a 96. Closer to middle Tn the better. Watcha got? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Garage clean out

    D30 g2 diff cover with gasket $80 Msd 6200 6a ignition $100 4" Xj rough country lift $125. Newer body style white out marker lights. 4 pieces total. $30
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    Xj body w/ clean title

    $200. Located in Lebanon tn. Need it gone yesterday. Make me an offer. Comes with iron duke 4cyl and transmission. No axles or suspension.