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    shackle bushings

    I must be dumb. My shackle upper bushings are shot and I need replacements. However I cannot find anything anywhere. They have a part # stamped on them MO2400. Google is failing me, where can I find these at?
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    Auxiliary Electric Fan

    Had my fan in the 00 blow out a few chunks of the blade the other day. Looking on rockAuto there are several different versions and prices points. Are the cheaper ones good quality or do you just stick with the mopar fan? TYC: $44 GPD: $47 APDI/PRO: $54 Four Seasons: $59 Spectra: $78 Mopar...
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    Power steering line upgrade

    Awhile ago I had to change a leaking pressure hose and the Napa line didn't quite fit correctly. Had to add a bit of bend to get it to line up to the port. A few months ago we were out snow wheeling and the pressure line blew out of the metal crimp. So we bent and broke off the failed end...
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    anyone else had issue getting waterpump to seal?

    I've having a heck of a time getting the inlet hose to the waterpumo to seal. I've had this issue with 2 different brands of water pumps and hoses. I recently upgraded the radiator and switched in a silicone hose I've had for awhile. And today have a steady drip coming from the inlet of the...
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    Rod Bearings

    I've read a bunch of the threads. I have a low end knock in my engine. I pulled the oil pan, changed the rear main and inspected the flex plate. All bolts were tight and no cracks, sprayed it with dye penetrant 4 times. I also plastic gauged the mains and rod bearings while I had the pan...
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    moving trackbar mount forward

    working on adding hydro steering. Would help if I move the frame trackbar mount forward. Any issues I should think about? Seems the it's been done before just not finding anything on it. nvm: I found what I'm looking for. Can't delete for some dumb reason.
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    oil filter housing bolt

    so replacing the o-rings on the filter housing for the second time. Bolt is the Torx version, I recall how much fun I had installing it last time and how much fun it was getting it back off. Has anyone taken a nut and welded it to the end of the bolt? I'm thinking of a 3/4" 12 point on...
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    YORR Stock-Mod ZJ

    YORR - Yellowstone Off Road Racing, local racing circuit that a group of us have been running in that last 4 years. I've been mostly doing pits and co-driving. But been looking for a rig to start building, etc. Was wanting a XJ but, I picked up a ZJ that had been started but the guy had to...
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    Fiberglass hoods

    anyone used a fiberglass hood? I've found 2 from Hannemann and Trailer Products, but I haven't found any info on them really. It's going to end up being trimmed and I don't really need the huge cowl's that a few of the others have.
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    the sound of inevitability

    Started as a rocker replacement. Planned on following Starboard's project. Jeep started as this, the rockers were peeling out of the body where they were welded and really bent. Turns out the 2x4 tube that I was told was installed was just angle iron welded to the body. Wonderful, I guess...
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    A pillar replacement

    My A pillars are toast. Passenger side has broke top and bottom and drive side is broke on one end. Need to rework them. Plane to follow what many other have done with a tube along the drip rail, bend down to follow the A pillar, and then down behind the front fender to the rock rail...
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    Flat belly skidplate2.0

    Reworked my crossmember and skidplate a couple months ago before the Dakota Territory Challenge. The original one was similar in shape but had been bent upwards about 1" from running it 6+ years. Also made a similar one for the t-case skid but got lazy with the bracing and it twisted and took...
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    2013 Dakota Territory Challenge

    When: August 29th - September 1st Where: Black Hills - Rapid City, SD What: Best Rock Crawling Event in the Hills. We have every level of crawling. From beginner and scenic trails to the hardest crawling you will want to put up with on vacation. Some important news for the 2013 event...
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    OME 4" Leaf packs

    I need to replace my rear leaves. Need ~4" of lift and looking at OME from DPG. Problem I'm running into is getting either DPG's hybrid pack or the OME 4" pack they now have. Jeep used for crawling, haul tools and camping gear but no towing or anything of that sort. Anyone run either set and...
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    BOR no more?

    Big Offroad does it exist still? I was hoping to pick up some leaf springs soon but their website is non-functioning?