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    1999-2000 intake manifold

    Got one that I don’t need. Injectors and t body all there. $25?
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    Locking a thread

    How do you lock a thread after a sale? I sold my Cherokee and i'd like to lock it so people know it's not available anymore.
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    Buy my 2000 Cherokee Sport

    Sold to the man who needs a bow :) Pros: New radiator and hoses and t stat. Head replaced with one from Clearwater. Changed the water pump then. about 5 or 6k on the change. Dana turdy 5 went away a while ago. A d44 from an 87 is under it. Open. A/C works replaced everything. Only problem is...
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    Frame stiffeners

    I have an unopened box that contains a center section only frame stiffener kit fro RKO. I won this 3 or 4 years ago and never used them. I never opened the box. My rig doesn't need them and i'm not building another one. $ 80 delivered to WF?
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    Pictures in user CP

    Hey guys So, normally I have downloaded pictures that were on my PC here at work or home. When I do, it shows the picture. Now Yesterday I posted 4 pictures from my work PC and the pictures don't show right away. it shows up as a link at first. you can click the link and it shows the pic...
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    ARB parts

    :crickets: Do any of our vendors carry parts for an old arb compressor? I seemed to have blown out the tank o ring. looks like a hernia :) This thing is ancient. Early early 2000
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    Super Duper Non-Pooper Ujoints

    So, Back in '09 I bought a couple of Bobby Longs Super 300m solid ujoints for my D44 front axle Stupid strong joints loaded in Warn alloy shafts. This held up to moderately hard wheeling with 35" Big Horns for years. Well until Memorial weekend 2014 at Dresser WI. Whilst waiting for the...
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    Transfer Case and xmember

    I have a 231 out of my scrapped out '88. it's been sitting in the shed for the last 4 yrs or so. About 40k on the bearings and the PORC slip yoke eliminator. The chain is new w/about 2k on it. I believe it's a 21(?)spline. I want $125 for it. I also have a xmember that came out of a 96...
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    Darwin - clean-up needed in lane one... I wonder how close the 1st car was to him before he figured out his planning was flawed. :laugh2:
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    Cross over pipe crack-up

    On my wife’s 2000 I’ve had to replace the cross over pipe twice before and now I have to do it again. We’ve had this since new. It’s the pipe that goes from the exhaust manifold, crosses behind the pan and hooks to the cat. Right near the trans xmember is a hanger for this pipe. Where the...
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    Warranty Q's for service managers

    I have an '04 Silverado (Z71) that I tow my cherokee with 5 or 6 times a year. It has the 5.3 with the 4L60E auto. It has a factory trans cooler but I added a Summit deep trans pan. It's finned aluminum and has 3 extra quart cap. My question is: Will adding that aftermarket pan void my...
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    Reaching the 'WTF' level of stupid

    The stupid is so deep I just don't know what to say :moon: :roflmao:
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    Project Resurrection aka saving the heep

    I guess I should make my own little thread on what I'm doing to my junk instead of cluttering up the important thread. :) Not going to be anything more then just a place I can ask Q's from you MWC'ers and to post some picks. I posted this already. Sounds like all my squirrels are trying to get...
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    New image-maker 4wd magazine

    I normally don’t read Pirate 4x4 CrapChat but I had a friend send me this link. Has anyone here seen this on the newsstands? Now, normally, I am reluctant to jump on the ‘pull all wheeling pictures. The greenies are coming!’ bandwagon...
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    35" bfg all terrains and a bumper

    Need some $'s for a new motor 4 35x12.5x15 BFG all terrains. Just under 50%? Mounted on Grand Wagoneer wheels. Bolt pattern is 6x5 1/2 (Chevy, Toyota, Waggy) They were rotated a lot so they are wearing even. One had a 3/8 hole punched in the side wall that's been patched from the inside...