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    Inop Gauge Cluster on 98

    Hi, kind of at my wits with diagnosing my Jeep. Recently Purchased a 98 XJ 4.0 AW4 4x4 and it has a gremlin I thought would be simple to fix. I found the tach, ODO & Speedometer, volt, temp, gas and oil pressure gauges do not work. What I’ve done to diagnose: 1. Pulled the dash apart and...
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    98 2 Door

    I have a 98 Jeep Cherokee 2 door that I Purchased off Mark (Sidewaysstarion) least year. Lost interest in building a cherokee. My loss is your gain. It needs shocks and driveshafts to make it driveable. It’ll will need the transfer case linkage to be reinstalled. All suspension parts have 0...
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    Anyone from NAXJA planning on going to King of the Hammers this year? IF so, What are your plans?
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    97+ door panels

    Looking for 97+ 2 door grey interior door panels for Power windows and locks
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    WTB: 33x12.50r15

    Looking for a set of 4 33x12.50r15. AT or MT. Not picky.
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    Stop Cutting up Your XJ

    Looks like the possibility of the XJ turning into a collectible?
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    05+ SuperDuty axles

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    Stuff for Sale

    HD Engineering Shackle Boxes - Sold Fixed Length ProComp Lower Control Arms (needs new bushings) $30 Rubicon Express Lower control arm drop backers with Rough a country braces (missing Hardware) $80 New Unknown brand Lift shackles - Sold 97+ Dual Diaghpram brake booster $40 3x 91-98 Intake...
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    WTB:242 shift gate

    Looking for an XJ NP242 shift gate. Thanks
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    WTB: NP242 shift gate

    Looking for an XJ NP242 shift gate.
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    Np242 shifters

    Is there a difference in transfer case shifters between years 84-96 and 97-01? I have a 98xj with a 242 installed in it but the shift gate in it now is for a 231. I’d like to change it out so I can shift it into 4low. I found a 242 shift gate out of a 1990 model on eBay. Was wondering if this...
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    FS: XJ Misc Parts

    For Sale Rough Country Control Arm Drop Brackets (no hardware) $80 99 XJ Intake $60 (sold) Used 4.5” Rusty’s lift coils $40 86-96 Front Clip (complete Header panel & Fenders) $50 Weldable 97+ floor brackets to mount 97+ seats in pre-97 XJs (new from EBay) $60 97+ Dual Diaghram Booster $60...
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    2 & 4 Door Interior Differences

    Hi Fellow members, I’m about to gear up to do a 97+ interior swap on my 91 2 door. I’m gathering interior parts right now and have some questions before I start buying. 1. Are there any differences between the 2 door & 4 door carpet? Can I use the 4 door Xj carpet? Finding new 2 door carpet...
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    Dana 44 Parts

    Looking for some Dana44 Parts -inner C’s -flat top knuckles -spindles -brake caliper brackets -8 lug hubs Basically (inner C’s out) Lemme know what you have. Thanks
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    WTB: diamond in the rough..

    Looking for 97+ 2 door XJ manual windowed doors. (Wow, say that fast). Thanks.