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    NP241OR Rock-trac transfer case parts interchangeability

    Hey guys, I’ve been researching parts interchangeability between the different versions of the NP241J. Specifically which parts from a normal 241 will fit a 241OR and the differences between the TJ and JK versions of the 241OR. I couldn’t find much info, so I decided to share what I’ve...
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    Loose balljoint issue

    Hey guys, I've read about this in some other threads but couldn't really find a definitive answer, so here it goes. I recently replaced the ball joints on my front HP Dana 30, I had some of those shitty Alloy USA ones with the splined body and they wore out real quick so I figured I'd try some...
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    33x11.5 on 16x8 rim backspacing?

    Hey guys, I know there are a million threads out there about backspacing, I have read through a lot of them! I just bought a set of 285/75R16 (33x11.5) and want to buy rims now. I have learned from countless threads that I want to be around 4"-4.5" of backspacing which is great! But which is...
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    Rear axle pinion yoke question

    I'm currently regearing a Dana 44 rear and it needs a new yoke. I researched to find OEM Spicer yoke 2-4-6561-1 was a direct replacement, but I decided I wanted to switch from straps to u-bolts on my yoke. So I searched more and found Spicer yoke 2-4-8091-1X which I thought was the same yoke...
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    What 4.10 gears? Nitro, Yukon, Precision?

    I'm getting ready to buy gears for my rear Dana 44. I already purchased an e-locker for 3.92 and up gears since I plan to run 4.10s. I'm not sure what brand to go with since this is for my daily driver, I want to make sure they are quality and run quiet. What do you guys think about Nitro...
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    Need help rebuilding NP241J Rock Trac Transfercase

    I recently purchased a Rock Trac 4.1 transfercase from a 2005 TJ with hopes of rebuilding it and swapping it into my 2001 XJ. When I met the guy selling it I found out the case was already taken apart, and I could see some damaged parts, like wear from a severely loose chain on the rear case...