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    18x7 Carson dual axle car trailer for sale.

    Selling my Carson trailer. It is 18 ft long and 7 ft wide with dual 3500 lbs axles and electric brakes. It has heavy duty shackles welded all around for better tie down locations and two custom spare tire mounts welded on. I bought it roughly 4 years ago and it has permanent plates. It takes a 2...
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    5 Goodyear wrangler mtr 35x12.5x17

    5 Goodyear wrangler mtr Kevlar for sale. 35x12.5x17. 1 with roughly 60% and the other 4 with roughly 40% located in Lynwood. $250
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    WTB 315/70r17 spare tire

    I need a new spare. Does anyone have a 315/70r17 (35x12.5x17) for sale? Preferably a Goodyear mtr. I’m in the LA area. Apparently my tire was warped and was causing my Jeep to shake bad.
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    dana 30 axles

    I have a set of dana 30 stock axles removed from my 94. Ujoints are in good working order. $40 and can deliver to socalfest. I only removed because i upgraded.
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    Wtb rear tire carrier bumper

    I am looking for an aftermarket rear bumper with tire carrier for my 94. Let me know if you have one available.
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    Complete 94 8.25 ready to bolt in and drive`

    Selling the Chrysler 8.25 out of my xj. Complete from drum to drum and ready to bolt in. It was just removed from my jeep two weeks ago. 3.55 gearing $100
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    WTB 17" xj wheels 5 on 4.5

    Let me know if you have anything available. I am looking for 5 but can make 4 work.
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    Wanted car trailer

    I'm looking for a 16 or 18 ft car trailer. The closer to LA the better.
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    Welder recommendations

    I bought a dana 44 from an MJ and need to have the perches welded for an xj. Can you point me in the right direction to have this done? I also need to have a truss welded onto my d30. Both differentials are currently out getting geared and should be in the back of my truck tomorrow night.
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    Unable to accelerate while at more than half throttle

    I have a 94 xj 4.0 auto and it had ran great up until this weekend. I went to drive it this saturday after it had been sitting for 3 weeks and when i drove it to the store it ran great. I didn't notice an issue since i didn't really try to accelerate hard. Later in the day I went to enter the...
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    passenger side axle d30

    I broke my passenger side axle at socal fest and luckily i had a spare. Well now i would like to replace my spare until i scrape up enough change to buy Chromoly. Does anyone have any for sale? I would prefer it to have the unit bearing as well but it's not a deal breaker. The closer to the LA...
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    WTB front driveshaft

    I need a front driveshaft for my 94 xj auto 231. I'm also looking to install a slip yoke eliminator so i will need a zj front driveshaft as well. The closer to LA the better(specifically Lynwood).
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    big bear

    Is anyone familiar enough with the trails in big bear to help me map out a loop? I am staying at a cabin this weekend out in Boulder bay and have a route that I'd like to do starting at the discovery center but need help to try to get it to end on the West side of Big bear lake by the 18 so that...
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    WTB driver side steering knuckle

    I need a knuckle for a 94 xj. I'm trying to avoid having to go to the junkyard haha. I also need one caliper bolt. Mine is stripped where the caliper bolts onto the knuckle and bolt is MIA.
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    Gorman Saturday

    Anyone interested in wheeling in Gorman on Saturday