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    Natives are getting restless! LOL :cheers:
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    IC BOD elections

    We might want to bring it up. FYI, I am out this year. I'm not really doing anything with the club anyway. Gonna take some time away from NAXJA politics. LOL :conceited
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    Wanted- spare D30 shafts.

    Need some spares prior to Sand Hollow next weekend. Free to cheap preferred! LOL Whatcha got? Josh 801-seven1ate-twenty10
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    Labor day shake down run

    Thinking an easy shake down run on Monday up AF! More details to follow after I weld my ball joint. Shake down in prep for Sand Hollow R&R trip next weekend! LOL
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    National Event???

    What are we gonna do? Fall Fling again?
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    VP Position

    Its official. I will not be in the continental US for most of next year. Of course this comes out after elections! I will be gone mid February until Mar of 2013. I do not know what my internet access will be until I get there. Do you want to hold another election for the position or wait...
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    Matching donation?

    We have a little in the account. Do we want to donate to something and have national match it?
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    Obligatory "Fix it" thread.

    Its time for the "What needs to be fixed, done before Moab" thread!:flame:
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    Motion to Recall

    I motion that Chad "Lostsoul" Larsen be recalled from the chapter Treasurer position due to membership expiration and non-participation.
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    Chad, again!

    Anyone notice that his membership is expired?! Could be an issue!
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    AHEM!!! Paging Mr. Chad!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Where are you! Call me!!!!
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    97+ Front Seat mounts

    I need both driver and passenger sides. Thanks, Josh 801-seven1eight-twenty10
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    IC visitor!

    Anyone in the Hattiesburg, MS area? I'm here until the 11th bouncing back and forth from New Orleans. Shoot me a pm!
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    the IC's Fall Fling

    We need to get the forum up and start getting the planning more concrete and start hitting up vendors. Oh yeah, and renew the BLM permit. Anyone think of anything else we need to start moving on?
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    Wanted: HP D30 carrier (3.73 and higher numerically)

    ARB is toast! I have a Lockrite, but need a carrier. Let me know what you got!