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    Power steering pump pulley recommendations

    Looking to replace the stock 5in power steering pulley for a 4.5in pulley. Anyone have any comments on how much of an improvement I'll see, and was it worth the roughly $35/40 increase in cost over a stock plastic special? Also anyone know of any other more "cost effective" brands other than PSC...
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    coobyxj's buy my $#!% thread.

    Set of 5 JK Rubicon take offs. One is basically new, and only has "get me off the trail spare" miles. AFAIK 0 road miles. The other four are pretty much worn out, and the wheel have rash. Red shock boots. New. $5 XL WARN winching/mechanic gloves. $5 Blue ricer H4 lenses.$5...
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    Let's make a deal!

    Full options gauge. $40 Not sure of the mileage on it, but thinking 150k. Heater controls x2 (electronic temp). $20 Switch panel with fog light switch. x2 Not sure if the one pictured above has the FSB relay kit or not, but I have one that will go with first come first serve. (The kit keeps...
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    WTB Lower radiator bushings.

    Dealer wants $21 a piece for them. Anyone got any they're willing to part with for a more realistic figure? Need two. The lower ones where the radiator sets in the cross member.
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    Room split for a resarvation made at Hotel Attica 03/04-03/08.

    Just reserved a room at the Hotel Attica with two queen sized beds from 03/4/14-03/08/14. The cost is $55 a night with an $5 per additional person plus tax. Anyone who wants to split the room with me let me know. I;m game. scooby "no cold shower at the campgrounds for me" xj
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    Scooby's get it while you can sale...

    Sirius Stratus 6. Was in my Tahoe when I bought it. It worked on the free channels when I pulled it a few months ago. Includes the FM hardwired adapter, and GM antenna adapters. Was in a 2004 Tahoe, and I would think it would be compatible with any of the GMT-800 platform GMs $30 Siruis...
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    Rock Auto radiators?

    Anyone use any of the sub $100 radiators off rock auto? I'm in need of a replacement, and wandering if they are worth anything....
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    Open seats for trail runs.

    If I don't bring my Jeep (and I probably won't) I'll be fishing for an open seat. I've always run the easy stuff, and I'd like to see some of the rest of the park. That being said anyone got an open seat I can bum? 1 scoobyxj Needs a ride...
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    School me on Ford Triton engines.....

    Girlfriend has an 01 F150 with the 4.6ltr Trition in it, and just over 153k. Just did plugs (found out after the fact I should have used Motorcraft instead of Autolites). I need to do the EGR cleaning thing where you pull the intake and clean all the EGR passages, and figure out how to reseal...
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    K&N Drop in, Off road lights, AutoPals, 97+ taillight covers, and OEM Foglamp switch.

    K&N Drop in, Off road lights, AutoPals, 97+ taillight covers, and OEM Foglamp switch. Up here first to give my NAXJA buddies first dibbs. Craigslist on Monday. Willing to ship. Red letters get 75% off shipping, or 75% off what shipping would have been if you pick it up. Also willing to...
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    Anyone use this stuff? Does it work as good as they say it does, or should I look at some other brand of rust stopper?
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    Eastwood air tools and maybe a welder.

    Thinking of picking up this Eastwood cutting set, and maybe this welder. Anyone use any of their brand name equipment that can comment on the quality of it? Not using it professionally, but just for Jeep projects and such. Seems like a decent price on them.
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    5x4.5in or 5x114.3mm Wheel guide.

    Scoured the web and found a list of vehicles that use the 5x4.5in or 5x114.3mm bolt pattern. I haven't test fitted any of these wheels. Nor do I know the OEM backspacing, rim size, or width. You're on your own for that. 5 x 4.5 (same as 5 x 114.3) Ford 1994-2004 Mustang 1994-2004 Mustang GT...
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    2008+ Nissan Pathfinder as a tow rig.

    Anybody tow their junk with one? The newer ones are rated to tow 7k with the 5.7ltr. Obviously I'd want trailer brakes but I figure a fully loaded XJ @ 4000lbs a car trailer @ 1500lbs it should handle it respectively. I was looking at Tahoes, and Yukons, but these seem nicer, have more power...
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    LED lights and the 97+ XJ

    First lets start out with explaining what a LED is and how it works. A Light Emitting Diode is essentually a diode that emits light when an electrical current is passed through it. Diodes have an Anode, and a Cathode. They only allow electricity to pass in one direction. Which is why if you wire...
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    Please explain participants. The forum page says it's $30 per vehicle, but when I register it asks how many participants when I enter in my 3 (two adults, and a child) it shows $90 on the check out screen. Do I need to just enter in one there, and order extra T shirts, and meals for my guests?
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    Interesting find in the factory fog light circuit on my 99.

    According to the FSM this shouldn't exist, but it appears that the factory decided to do something about frying fog light switches. I found this between the factory switch and the factory harness. I did a quick Google but came up with nothing on a TSB stating to add this relay. Anybody have a...
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    Ally bank

    Anybody recommend a good bank for a checking account? I'm sick of CHASE's BS. Ive been looking at Ally, but a little worried with them being AKA GMAC. What I do like is the fact that you can use any ATM nation wide, and they will reimburse you the fee. They only charge you a $9 fee for an...
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    2000 Sport Part out.

    I am stripping a 2000 Sport. I plan on keeping the rear glass, front doors, hatch, AW4, NP 231, rear axle, front axle shafts , and a few other odds and ends parts. It has good bags, decent interior with leather (it's lite gray from a 98 Country with matching wood trimmed door panels). The...
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    WTB/WTT for stock wheels.

    I'm looking for a set of Echo's or Ravine 15x7 wheels. I have a set of Weld Alloys that I would be willing to trade straight up for. They need a good polishing, but are otherwise is decent shape (a few scratches on the rim and the center caps have a few dents in them from removal). The tires...