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  1. Ecomike

    Cranking way too slow experts question 4.0

    Trying to help a lady 1500 miles away..... 4.0 So far replaced the battery, replaced the starter, was sure that solve the problem. Cables and clamps are good. Same problem we had with 1 year old starter and 1 year old battery. While cranking the battery voltage drops to 9 volts, and the...
  2. Ecomike

    Wagoneer interior trim ready to ship your dime

    Near Chicago for pick up or ship? Go to the facebook Wagoneer jeep group, or PM me for the guys name and phone up there. I offered to take it and save for sale to others but it ain't cheap to ship it all here, just to store. He just does not want to throw it all away...
  3. Ecomike

    87 Wagoneer Ltd with D-44 cheap!

    Hey folks, I ran across an 87 Wagoneer like mine (I am in Texas, so its too far for me, but I have one just like it, and its my DD with 293,xxx miles on it) his is for sale today on Facebook, guy can't get a title and wants to part it out or sell it. It needs to be saved!!! Super nice...
  4. Ecomike

    Snow tires wanted 235/75-R15

    Looking for a deal (for my daughter-college student) on some useable snow tires for this winter for her Renix XJ. Have the rims already. Know anyone with a set in their way let me know please. Could also use a set for a 2003 Saturn Ion 3, they are 14" IIRC. Also could use a set of 14" rims for...
  5. Ecomike

    Renix breather elbow hose source?

    Anyone know the part number or source for just the rubber 180* hose on the Vacuum tube line assy? Its the one that attaches to the back side of the Air filter box, about 1/2" rubber.
  6. Ecomike

    Shifting AW4 into reverse while going forward

    Family member in a near accident, panic stop freeway, shifted from drive to neutral and thinks it may have gone into reverse (it was dark and the shifter lighting does not work). AW4 Renix 4x4. The engine died when she moved the shifter during the panic stop (reverse???). What damage might that...
  7. Ecomike

    Renix overheating IR temp testing

    Bought my daughter a Northern Tool (NT) "General" brand hand held Mini IR temp tester for Christmas. Compared the readings on it to my Harbor Freight (HF) 10 year old one, with the battery it had and again with a new battery. The new battery raised the temp readings about 3 degrees testing my...
  8. Ecomike

    Gas in oil smell? 89 Renix

    Jeep runs fine, daughter 1000 miles away said she smelled gas odor at rear of the jeep last night. She checked the oil dip stick and she says it smelled like gas, and just now before firing it up still had SOME gas odor in the oil. She just checked the gas tank lines / rear axle area after a...
  9. Ecomike

    Renix high altitude CPS experience

    Looking for feedback from any one that has tried the Renix high altitude CPS at sea level and otherwise.
  10. Ecomike

    Renix CPS crank voltage and cold weather and iced inside windshields

    Had two new ones this week. My daughters HVAC blower switch died and she roughed it for a week with out the blower in 16 F weather up north, till the inside of her windshield iced up to where she could NOT see the road to drive in 16 F weather. She called AAA and had her Jeep, and her bod...
  11. Ecomike

    What causes a cold engine to ping on acceleration?

    Any one ever had an engine ping (pre ignition) when accelerating on a cold first start engine for 3 minutes or so, that stops after the engine gets warmed up? If yes, what caused it?
  12. Ecomike

    Cheap!!! Renix WiFi data scanning :-)

    These guys are moving fast folks!!! Now we have a way to use WiFi for Renix XJ live data!! THis guy has broken the 2.5 and 4.0 code? Old_man this right up your alley. Its something 5-90 planned to do for years.... Now we...
  13. Ecomike

    Renix adapaters, Intake hose-tube

    I ran across a Renix Facebook page teaming with young newbies with their first rigs, and few expert Renix fans this week. This turned up there today, a throttle body plate for those needing the NLA Intake rubber hoses to the air filter box. Hmm...
  14. Ecomike

    Wanted 1 drivable, DD jeep, & 2006 Liberty 101,000 miles for sale

    My son is shopping for a DD jeep, wants a 4.0 / AW4 rig, in usable DD condition with AC/heat that work. Also he has a working Jeep Liberty 2006 for sale or trade, or take over the payments on it.
  15. Ecomike

    2006 Jeep Liberty for sale

    PM me for details.
  16. Ecomike

    Bent valves and wiped cam?

    I am posting this here, since the bulk of the NAXJA engine experts are in this forum. And this a question about engines mostly!! Any one know anything about the 2010 Jeep Liberty V-6 engines? Specifically!!! Trying to figure what the rest of the story is. What started out as a head gasket...
  17. Ecomike

    Bent valves and a wiped CAM on a 2010 Liberty?

    Any one know anything about the 2010 Jeep Liberty V-6 engines? Trying to figure what the rest of the story is. What started out as a head gasket job (coolant leak), a week after it was done by an engine shop, ended up with 2 bent valves and wiped lobes on the Cam shaft with no other possible...
  18. Ecomike

    Rear Leaf spring parts -1989 stock

    I need to replace the factory stock U-bolts and nuts, and the large thick heavy plate(s) that the u-bolts attach the leaf spring to the axle. I also need good new or reusable leaf spring bolts, front and rear. All for just one side for now. Just tossing this out there in case any one has...
  19. Ecomike

    Cat Converter Temp sensed in 4 wire O2 sensors!!

    While using my Snap-On MT-2500 tool on my 2001 Saturn today, I made a cool discovery. The scanner reports the actual Cat Converter operating temp!!!:cool: Only one way that is possible folks!!! In 1987, Renix the O2 sensors had only 3 wires!!! IN 1991 OBD-1 switched to 4 wires (I think) and in...
  20. Ecomike

    97 rear O2 sensor harness side connector

    Need the part number, PLEASE, and a source(s) if possible for the harness side connector for 1997 Cherokee rear (after the Cat) O2 sensor. A new guy in town, needed help.... Doing a freebie,... I found both sides of his rear O2 sensor wire assy were ripped out, nothing but 4 bare...