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    WTB: 1997-2001 HVAC Box

    I need a 1997-2001 HVAC box to mix and match parts with my existing box or out right replace it. I have the cable actuated blend door, but I will convert to the servo actuated blend door style if I need to.
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    GM Drive-by-Wire Throttle Body and a Haltech ECU

    I started to install a Haltech ECU so I could do actual tuning instead of screwing around with useless JTEC PCM tuning. Since the Haltech supports drive-by-wire(DBW) I decided to try fitting a GM DBW throttle body on a stock manifold. The only draw back so far is that I will have to relocate...
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    CAN bus to CCD bus Protocol Translator(Chrysler PCM Simulator)

    I am working on a new project lately to be able to drop a Haltech Elite ECU into my 1997 based MJ without losing the stock gauges or other CCD bus operated modules. This is accomplished by translating CAN bus messages from the Haltech into CCD bus messages simulating the stock Chrysler PCM. It...
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    Who manufactured these connectors?

    Does anyone know who manufactured these connectors? The same series is used for the TPS, MAP, and OPDA. I know they are not an AMP or TE connector. My contacts in the USA AMP/TE and German AMP/TE offices confirmed that. Any markings on them are not there or worn off. I want to say they are...
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    WTB: 1997+ HVAC box/unit

    The heater core in my MJ is starting to go and I want to pick up a complete HVAC unit to rebuild. I had to repair a few pieces on mine and I rather replace it with a better one.
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    FS: Various XJ Bits (Gauge Clusters, Mirrors, Supercharger)

    Shipping for most small to medium sized items will be $10 to $20 to the forty-eight contiguous states. Contact me through PM for my email address or phone number. All gauge clusters are tested working for needle functionality. All bulbs appear to work, but not guaranteed.(Easily swapped from...
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    Cutting down a PSC reservoir...

    Unfortunately I learned the hard way that PSC sells a reservoir as part of a kit that is said to fit under the hood of a XJ, but in fact comes no where close to fitting. I have done tons of research into other reservoirs out there and the best fit I could find was for a Holden Commodore shipped...
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    Replaced steering box, now stiff

    I replaced the 27 year old high mileage stock steering box on my MJ since it was insanely sloppy and horribly vague in the corners. So I bought a PSC 12:1 box and the installation went fine. I installed it with brand new lines. I did bleed with the wheels off the ground and turned the them...
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    2000 Jeep Cherokee

    I have this up on Craigslist, but I am going to more into depth here. As well, I will be more flexible on price if you wish to do something like bring your own wheels. 2000 Jeep Cherokee Sport - Black Exterior, Agate(Black) Cloth Interior...
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    FS: Sprintex Supercharger Kit and Painless 68mm Throttle Body

    Prototype Sprintex Supercharger Kit Please read all the details on the sale of this kit before deciding to purchase it. Comes with everything shown plus the longer belt which is not shown. I am also including a GM wiring harness pigtail for the intake temperature sensor that came installed in...
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    Where to cut the floor for the rear upper shock mounts?

    Does anyone have a general measurement guide where to start cutting to access the rear upper shock mounts through the floor? I am just finding basic things such as about the middle of the wheel well. No, I am not interested in any other clever solutions.
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    WTB: 1997-2001 Right Seat Brace/Body Cut

    I need a rust free body cut of the right side passenger seat brace/riser. Preferably cut out with the chunk of floor around it so that I can handle carefully removing the spot welds. Let me know a cost on this. If it is not economical to get a body cut then a piece of 2x2 angle iron might...
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    Stock Carpet Color?

    Does anyone know the official name for the stock carpet color on 1997-2001? It is the lighter grey carpet used in agate(super dark grey) interiors. Color swatches in the image slideshow: Taupe looks correct, but Taupe usually...
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    WTB: 1997+ Black Hood in Good Condition

    Looking for a 1997+ black hood in good condition. Basically no dents and good paint. I can buff out swirls and minor scratches. I want to toss it on and not worry about it. Note: Not sure if pre-1997 hoods have the hole for the right side hood prop which is I specify 1997+.
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    4WD on 2WD Dyno, remove front driveshaft?

    Pretty simple, should I remove the front driveshaft when on a 2WD dyno? Yeah, the oil pump is working since the rear driveshaft is spinning, but I am not sure if it is still ideal. It goes against the mentality of all four wheels should be off the ground when towing.
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    Set of 5x BFG All-Terrain 35x12.5R15 on Ravine Rims

    5x BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO 35x12.5R15 mounted on 2003-2006 Jeep Wrangler Ravine Rims, ready to install. Rims have scuffs and scratches from removal of stuck locking lug nuts. About 33% tread left - Four tires at 4/16, one tire at 6/16. Spare tire has a nail in the tread block, but it...
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    Intake Hood Clearance

    Anything like a low clearance adapter or something I could use in this situation? I wanted to use the stock air box with a larger intake tube, but even after cutting down this 3" inner diameter bend it needs about 2" of more clearance to fit.
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    Cone filter surface area?

    Does anyone have some numbers laying around for the typical surface area of the aftermarket intakes with cone filters? The numbers I am finding on K&N's FAQs list 75 to 100 square inches which is about the size of a sheet of paper. I hope they just mean that is the length of the medium and not...
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    [AL] Corbeau Baja XRS Seats

    Pair of Corbeau Baja XRS Seats in black cloth centers with vinyl sides. Part number #96602BPR. These are brand new and the driver seat was mounted briefly only find out that these seats are too tall for my MJ. Manufacturer's product page:
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    Supercharger maximum discharge temperature?

    I am doing a bunch of calculations trying to determine what is the maximum safe discharge temperature from a supercharger. The supercharger being the Sprintex S5-210. At maximum boost the...