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  1. Veeb0rg

    WTB: 297x/760x Joint D30 Axle shafts.

    Looking to upgrade my 260x shafts to the newer style since my current ujoints have started making noise. Shipping to 21061 zip. Thanks! :cheers:
  2. Veeb0rg

    WTB: stock battery cables and A/C Condenser

    I am tryin to get my jeep on the road. A cracked battery ruined my factory battery cables/terminals and I don't have the money to upgrade them. I figured I'd ask here before I went to the junkyard.
  3. Veeb0rg

    FS: 2500 Tail Light sets

    I have 2 sets of the Chinese 2500 Lights brand new in their boxes. 60$ plus shipping. will be shipping from 21061 zip
  4. Veeb0rg

    Gentlemen.. Lend me your Hands.. (Work Party, Sept 20th)

    When: Sunday, Sept 20th Where: Pasadena, MD Just off Mountain Road My friend has been kind enough to let us use his shop on a sunday, This means a lift and airtools. He doesn't have a welder, but I don't forsee the need of one. I will be providing Food and Refreshments, I'm open to suggestions...
  5. Veeb0rg

    Wanted: Rear Bumper Driverside end cover

    Mine got in a fight with a sawzall and needs replacing, anyone got one collecting dust?
  6. Veeb0rg

    FS: XJ HD leaf packs - Brand New..

    I bought a set of HD Leafpacks to replace my sagging and inverting stock packs, Never got around to installing them and I just ordered a RE kit so I don't need em anymore. They are Brand new, would still be in the box but the boxes didn't fit in back of the jeep. These are the ones that sell...
  7. Veeb0rg

    Best laid plans..

    I've been giving serious thought to attending this, I've got a bunch of vacation time to burn before the end of July. Right now I'm stock except for the MT's I've got on it, and it handled the Greens at RC quite nicely. I would be ordering and trying to get installed before this an RE 3.5...
  8. Veeb0rg

    bolt on LCA skids

    Lookin for a set of bolt on LCA skids, lack of a welder at this point makes it necessary.
  9. Veeb0rg

    Planning my Lift..

    I've got a stock 95 XJ.. It is a DD for now, so it need to have decent street manners. Here's what I'm thinking.. RE6025 3.5 super ride with full springs w/8.25 rear RE1600 Track Bar RE1553 Brake Line Set SS Front 20" ES3000 Procomp Shocks Am I missing anything? Anyone have any...
  10. Veeb0rg

    WTB: Towhooks and brackets

    Pullin the bumper next weekend and wanted to get these on while apart. anyone got a set?
  11. Veeb0rg

    WTB: 95 Drivers Power Window Regulator

    Mine broke on me at work tonight, now the windows stuck down and we're due for a ton of rain. thanks
  12. Veeb0rg

    Help needed in Nebraska...

    Hey guys, I got a friend out in nebraska who just bought herself a 86 cherokee. She was drivin to rapid city when she claims the radiator hose popped off and she lost all power. Tow truck driver said it knocked the timing belt off, but I think he ment the serpentine belt. She had it towed to a...
  13. Veeb0rg

    Door Speaker Depth?

    anyone happen to know how much depth there are in the front doors? I'm on a shopping spree to replace the front door speakers and I need to know how deep the door is in that area. Thanks
  14. Veeb0rg

    WTB: Hitch and Front Recovery Hooks..

    I got a 95 Cherokee, before I go wheeling I need to pick up/bolt on a few things. I need a Rear Hitch *ones that sit as tight to the bumper as possible* and front recovery hooks w/brackets. I'm sure someone had them and took them off when they bolted a heavier bumper on and now they are just...
  15. Veeb0rg

    Keyless Sensor pin-out?

    anyone have access to a diagram that can tell me the pinout for the overhead keyless sensor? Its just the sensor, not the full console. In a 95 sport, if it makes a difference.
  16. Veeb0rg

    Front glass swap?

    edit: huurr shoulda searched.. anyway, its easiest to swap the whole door apparently, with that being said. will the inner door panels bolt onto the newer style doors?