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    Thinking about the K Trail in Oklahoma.

    Been thinking of doing this trail from Clayton to Mena, Ar. Anybody have done it?
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    WTB tie rod and drag link

    Looking for a stock set. Let me know if ya find one, thanks!
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    weird battery issues

    i'll start from the beginning, cliff notes on bottom. edit: 97 4.0l aw4 1st problem: I cut my fenders and on the inside seam i bent that back. Well, apparently on the passenger side water was getting in there and then traveled inside the jeep to the passenger front floor board. There is...
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    Are these codes related?

    background: 97, aw4, 4.0...and its green :D Background2: A few months ago I cleaned my NSS and put it back together and all worked fine, the jeep started up and reverse lights worked once again. Then I forgot to put fluid back in the radiator after a water pump change, long story short, I...
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    tried to start, heard a pop, now no power... help

    background: 97 xj, 4.0, aw4(auto), I just replaced my motor with another 4.0 out of grand cherokee. I'm sure I put something on wrong. Here's the situation. I turned the key on and all the lights and stuff worked. The fuel pump worked, nothing seemed out of the ordinary. Then I turned the key...
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    Electrical connection identification part 2 :(

    Connection identification part 2 :( Back ground: 97 xj, aw4, 4.0, a/c, 231... I'm putting in a motor from a 96 zj, and I had my connections with tape on them. Well, the good ole texas humidity, yes even in december lol, caused some of my taping/identifying to come off or to be unreadable...
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    Help w/ mystery electrical connetion around the throttle body.

    back info: 97 XJ 4.0, aw4, np231 Hey I replaced my old motor with a grand motor. While hooking everything back up some of my tape that i used to mark connections and such fell off. I kept the throttle intake and exhaust. I basically stripped everything off of the the GC motor so that it would...
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    91 radiator to 97

    Both are the open system. So they both have radiator caps and a resevoir(sp). I just put a 3core hd radiator in my 91. Then I just got a 97, and I want to put the better radiator in the 97 due to the fact that the 97 radiator has a hole in. Cliff notes: will a 91 radiator transfer to a 97...
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    D35 to 8.25, ABS ?

    I have a 91 and a 97 XJs. The 97 has a d35 with ABS. I have a 8.25 that doesn't have abs that came from a 98 XJ. I want to know what I need to do with the abs lines and stuff when I do the swap. Also how do I keep the ABS light from coming on due to it not being hooked up? thanks donova...
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    Help me identify my Locker/LSD

    What the site has written has the clutch, has written on it... (edit: the locker/lsd fits inside the original carrier.) DET1 9K9 I called Detroit and they don't know what it is. He said that it could be a loc-rite or Aussie. Well, they don't make those for my 8.25 29spline axle...