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  1. blondejoncherokee

    Snow run saturday - georgetown at 9am

    Going to hit wentworth at 10am Breakfast at the corner kitchen at 9am Post up if you wanna go
  2. blondejoncherokee

    RenoFest 2020 Dates - memorial day weekend May 22nd through 25th

    RenoFest 2020 Camping at Davis Creek in Washoe County - we have a group site there. You have to hike your stuff uphill, we did not get the better group site. Pricing TBD, but should be around 40-60$ for the weekend Weather: some years its very hot in the 90s, some years it rains all weekend...
  3. blondejoncherokee

    SF2020 Dates - Aug 9th through 15th

    The Sierra Fest 2020 dates are ready ! Aug 9th through 15th. Aug 10th thru 12th Rubicon, leaving Loon lake at 9am and heading into Buck/Springs on Monday Aug 10th Highly recommended to arrive at the Loon lake spillway Sunday night Aug 9th and camp since we are leaving at 9am Monday morning...
  4. blondejoncherokee

    We need to confirm Dates for RenoFEst and Sierra Fest

    Normally the goal is to confirm Sierra Fest dates and location by the end of January if not sooner same for reno( memorial day weekend, davis creek, thats basically done) also, once we get the dates figured out , I can modify all the documentation from last years sponsorship forms for this year.
  5. blondejoncherokee

    When can the new Bod sign into this sub forum?

    Alan was asking me. I have no clue
  6. blondejoncherokee

    Vendor list

    Finally got a list of our Current vendors: Brown Dog motor mounts Tomken TNT suspension Metal Cloak RuffStuff Fab stinky fab Clayton's offroad Lug nut offroad Ares Fabrication Napier products Just differentials Prime 4x4 Dirtbound offroad Aussie locker RWK Haus Jeep cables Iron man 4x4 Iron...
  7. blondejoncherokee

    Auburn/Sac area meetup nov 13th - Toys for Tots - Auburn at Knee Deep 6pm to close

    We will be collecting toys for the toys for the toys for tots since we are not doing Prairie city this year. Auburn , Knee Deep Brewing Co. Location could change but if it does it will be around Auburn/Loomis area.
  8. blondejoncherokee

    Whats new?!

    Got a new rig Close to done painting an old rig And heres 3 of the rigs Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  9. blondejoncherokee

    Sac/Auburn meetup Sept 25th Knee Deep Brewery in Auburn

    Meeting up to talk Jeeps Sept 25th at Knee Deep Brewery . Anytime after work. I will probably be there from 6-7pm until closing.
  10. blondejoncherokee

    Barret is almost open and same for dusy

    Just an fyi.
  11. blondejoncherokee

    Meet up weds aug 28th Auburn Knee Deep Brewery

    Who wants to meet up at Knee Deep brewery in Auburn weds Aug 28th? Talk jeeps post sierra fest.
  12. blondejoncherokee

    taco Tuesday - Notes

    Here are my notes from Taco Tuesday Probably did not need pinto beans at all, let alone 10 cans. Lets do no pinto beans next year probably dont bother making a cabbage slaw had 200 corn tortillas and 20 flour, next year do 50 corn, 50 flour Did not need the big cans of carrots or...
  13. blondejoncherokee

    Swag for Sale - Post Event

    Swag for Sale: 4 Mens XL shirts 20$ each 4 beer cozies: 5$ each Event Stickers 3 for 1$ Pricing does not include shipping
  14. blondejoncherokee

    Who is camping near loon trailhead tonight

    Anyone else?
  15. blondejoncherokee

    Print out your fire permits !

    Print out your fire permits !
  16. blondejoncherokee

    Can someone bring a Chainsaw or sawzall for hermit

    Anyone bringing a chainsaw or sawzall? Be good to have 1 or 2 up there.
  17. blondejoncherokee

    Member raffle donations !

    Hey Guys! I know we already donate some items ourselves to the raffle each year, but lets step it up a notch or three this year. Please post up here if you have a new item you would like to donate to the raffle this year, or a good quality aftermarket item with light use ( please no stock...
  18. blondejoncherokee

    Sierra Fest 2019 Itinerary !

    Mon Aug 5th Start Rubicon trail at 9:30am Some will stay at Buck, some will go straight to springs Highly reccomended to get to the trailhead and camp Sunday night Tuesday Aug 6th: everyone else gets to Springs , taco tuesday at springs. some ladder golf, some fun in the water Weds Aug 7th...
  19. blondejoncherokee

    Firewood for SF2019

    Even if all you can bring is like 1-2 small pieces stuffed in the cargo area of your rig that you found on the road on the way up, bring it. Hermit is usually pretty picked through. Also, get a fire permit.
  20. blondejoncherokee

    Raffle Tickets for SF2019 - we can do up to 10 sets of satellite tickets

    Im sure you have seen the raffle thread and have been reading about the great prizes and tickets are 2$ each flat rate. We are willing to do satellite tickets for 8 members, that is you cannot make the event , but would like raffle tickets. You can then prepay and we will have our treasurer or...