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  1. Anak

    This is Funny: Google finds me this site rather than the regular site

    Did a Google search for "DR0NK bylaws" knowing I had shared them with the SoCal chapter. Google brought me here. I wonder if this means Google will drive more NAXJA traffic once we get this software up and running. I know in the past when I have done general XJ searches Google has always...
  2. Anak

    Problem found: No "top" button

    I just noticed there is not a "top" button at the bottom of a thread. Not a tool that I can't live without, but I do find it useful every now and then.
  3. Anak

    Problem Found: No "edit" button

    I tasked Varmint #1 with playing around with this new software to see what he could find and possibly break. Right off the bat he asked me if we could edit things. I thought yes, until I took a look. No "Edit" button. That would probably be something to fix. I know I have appreciated...
  4. Anak

    Hey! The search function actually works with this software!!

    Woohoo!! I usually end up using Google to search NAXJA. Here I can put in the keywords I want and actually find the thread I was looking for. That will be a refreshing change.
  5. Anak

    Oh looky. Trophies.

    We gonna have badges too? With our member number on them? We gonna need a sticky for "Where on your rig did you place your emblem?" :sneaky: Note: The old smilie list was better. But hardly anyone uses them, so I suppose it doesn't matter.
  6. Anak

    No ad banners?

    Not that I was exactly fond of them, but it seems like we do owe them to our sponsors. Are they just turned off?
  7. Anak


    Can I upload a picture from this toy? Sure looks like it. Woohoo!! Nice job guys.
  8. Anak

    Got Stones?

    I have acquired another hobby. My body objects, but I am working on proving I still don't belong in the UOB club. And I am helping The Varmints build character. These blocks were old 60 years ago. They were part of a hotel that was demolished in the 1960s. I have no...
  9. Anak

    Merry Christmas SoCal

    From us'n to y'all, Merry Christmas.
  10. Anak

    Egad!! ARB Carrier Coming Apart--Bolts Backing Out

    Anybody been down this road before and have any advice on the subject? I am counting my lucky stars I found it the relatively painless way. I suspect this could have been quite the disaster. A shop went through this carrier several years ago. I am guessing they had to re-use the...
  11. Anak

    Happy Thanksgiving

    From the land of ice and snow... I get to figure out just how well I can grill a turkey in the snow this year. :rolleyes: I think I am going to need more coals than usual.
  12. Anak

    Can I trade you all for twenty degrees worth of weather?

    My world today: Reaction of Varmint #Last: Reaction of Varmint #2: Reaction of Varmint #4 (and pretty much myself): It's a whole 'nuther world here. BTW, I think I have figured out the annual weather pattern: 6 months of winter, 6 weeks of spring, 4 months of summer and...
  13. Anak

    Trails Slated to Be Closed in Red Rocks State Park, CA

    This is C&P from another group, but it affects all of us: There are no more meetings to discuss this, but they are still accepting comments. Now is the time to stand up before we are shut out.
  14. Anak

    Red Rock State Park: Closing Trails

    This is C&P from another group, but it affects all of us: It looks like all the meetings to be held are already in the past, but they are still accepting comments. Now is the last chance to speak up before they shut us out.
  15. Anak


    nuttier than squirrel poo. I can say that with certainty. Last year the squirrels took all the walnuts. I was spending so much time traveling I wasn't able to do much about it. I decided to let things play out and see what would be left for me. Well, nothing. So this year I decided to...
  16. Anak

    I'm Just Getting Started

    The opening salvo: And the first casualty: I should probably start carving notches on my shovel. Or start sourcing dynamite.
  17. Anak

    Parts Train: Anybody able to pick up in Long Beach?

    Looking to get a fuel pump assembly from Long Beach to either SoCalFest or San Diego. AAT would probably work too. If it can reach either Tim or Carol I should be able to get it on the back end. Just need someone to pick it up on the front end who can get it moving in the right direction...
  18. Anak

    Hardware for Attaching to Factory H.O. Era Roof Bars

    I stumbled across some square U-bolts that worked especially well for this application and thought I should share the information for anyone else who may be looking to do something similar. Tacoma Screw Products has P/N 158-101-1, described as "3/8" x 1-1/2" x 2" Square Bend U-Bolts — Steel...
  19. Anak

    Have a Fourth Grader? Go Cut Your Own Free Christmas Tree

    I learned something new this week (This should hold me over for the rest of the year): If you have a 4th grader you can get a free permit to go cut down a Christmas tree in a National Forest. It is part of the Every Kid in a Park initiative. Linky to useful info...
  20. Anak

    Lost and Found?

    Going through the back of my Jeep I found a strap that I don't recognize. This might have more to do with my own mind than anything else, but on the off chance that it is not a failure to remember on my own part, does anybody recognize and realize they are missing this?