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  1. crazymoose1990

    RIP Pete "Over2Land" Trasborg

    Just got the new Pete Trasborg passed away, Katie of Catching up with Katie confirmed this on FB, we do not know how, Katie ask for privacy as that is what the family has requested.. RIP Pete Trasborg.
  2. crazymoose1990

    Atlas universal cable shifters

    Yes like the ad says these are 350.00 new there partially assembled but still in the box. My buddy bought them then didnt use them. The last time he checked they were on back order. 200.00 if interested PM me and I will put you in contact with him. Your responsible for shipping.
  3. crazymoose1990

    Xj front bumper

    This has been in my buddys back yard for a couple years. It fits the late models. It can probably be modified to accept a winch plate. 120.00 obo He is located in Redwood City, CA his name is Airon his number is 650-302-1090
  4. crazymoose1990

    3:30 am really

    So I've been working at Platt Electric for a month now, but 3am comes early. So does anyone have info on an decent alternative employment opportunities? Is so please pm me. Thanks Jason Oh and I'm a temp no so all I need to give is 3 days notice.
  5. crazymoose1990

    I was one click away

    So I was sitting here after work and decided to write down how I would list my Cherokee if I ever sold it. I didn't have a piece of paper, but I had my lap top and NAXJA open. So I started making an honest to god ad. Dave was just talking about this yesterday. Now I didn't click the submit new...
  6. crazymoose1990

    Thanks Darrin

    I wanted to thank Darrin for offering up his pneumatic drill when I needed one, I wanted to thank him but got busy and forgot. Normally I would PM him but his box is full. Anyway thank you very much Darrin.
  7. crazymoose1990

    Happy New Year Everyone

    Hope everyone is safe tonight, and calls a cab if you drink to much. I will see a couple of you tomorrow.
  8. crazymoose1990

    Hope all you members in Gresham are safe?

    There saying on the news now there's somone in the Gresham Fred Meyers that's walking around with a gun.
  9. crazymoose1990

    Anyone have a

    90 degree drill? Or are they called a right angle drill? I need it to drill two small holes in my firewall. Thanks Jason.
  10. crazymoose1990

    Happy Turkey Day Everyone.

    Hope everyone has a great, and safe Thanks Giving, whatever your doing, or wherever you are. Be safe it your travels. :cheers:
  11. crazymoose1990

    Toys run?

    So is anyone taking the reigns on the 2nd annual Toys run? It needs to be done unfortunately I can't do it this year.
  12. crazymoose1990

    High pressure lines?

    So does anyone know who can make some high pressure lines for me? I need the one's that the XJ's transmissions use on the high pressure line. Would Portland Compressor be able to make it? I looked on line but I'm not having much luck, I only need a small line made, And I want to get it done as...
  13. crazymoose1990


    The guy jump from 24 miles up from the balloon, I would so do that in a minute. Its a rerun, but it's so cool.
  14. crazymoose1990

    99 XJ at Pick and Pull 99W

    Yup just like say, it's has a little damage but still usable parts. The grill and headlight bezels are in the mini van next to it. Its white, with a dark grey interior.
  15. crazymoose1990

    More taxes for people who drive SUV's

    Head this on OPB this morning they are starting a pilot program this summer for tracking miles on cars and taxing them accordingly. Yeah this is just wonderful (sarcasm) I am sticking my foot in my mouth now but stupid Prius's, ODOT is saying because more cars are getting better miles per...
  16. crazymoose1990

    Double axle trailer needed

    Does anyone have a double axle trailer I can use or rent. We are moving so I need to get the Commando tub out of my garage. I need to take it to Florence and take the frame to Banks, that is if it's okay with my buddy Jarrod. I would rent one however most places will not rent me one because the...
  17. crazymoose1990


    So we just finished our Noob run and figured we should have a M&G as a follow up, I'm proposing a south side meet and greet Friday the 15th, well because its close to me and I chose the 15th because its one of the only days before Ryan (nightfoam) has open before he leaves for his big adveture...
  18. crazymoose1990

    1 man out TSF trip

    So my old roommate flew in from California, said he would like to go check out TSF in the winter. So we loaded upo the Green Brick today and went to look for some snow, we found a foot and a half to two feet in some spots of fresh poweder. It snowed off and on all day. The last two hours we...
  19. crazymoose1990

    travel plans

    Anyone have any plans to head up to the Tacoma area, or is anyone heading down from Tacoma. I need a CJ hood pickup. Thanks Jason. :doh:
  20. crazymoose1990

    Need some info on track bar brace

    Is anyone currently running a Rubicon Express track bar brace? I would like to come over an take a look at your brace, I bought one but realized that I am not running there track bar bracket. I called them an they say I must use there complete setup I.E track bar, track bar drop bracket and...