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  1. sidewaysstarion

    Poll: What accomodations do you require for SCF?

    We need to get a rough estimate of what kind of sites we need in order to setup the group rate discount. If you're planning on going, please use the poll to select what you need.
  2. sidewaysstarion

    SCF Forum is now open

    Details will be posted in this forum. SoCal Fest 2020
  3. sidewaysstarion

    Discounted Cabin/Camping rates

    We are currently working on getting a discounted rate for our group, once we get the details, It will be posted in this thread.
  4. sidewaysstarion

    SCF Shirts/Dinner

    Do we have a design ready for this year? Can I Pre-order my shirt and dinner yet? Also will we have any other swag this year?
  5. sidewaysstarion

    DRB diagnostics.

    I have with me, the dealership tools to connect to any Jeep from 87-07. If anyone needs me to do anything a dealer can, let me know.
  6. sidewaysstarion

    SFR long arm brackets

    Brand new never used, has minor surface flash rust, comes will all the hardware. $200 obo?
  7. sidewaysstarion

    AEM 50-1220 320lph E85 compatible fuel pump

    I figured I might as well document this in case anyone needs a drop in upgrade high flow pump for their 97+ XJ. Pump part number Filter for the bottom of the pump.
  8. sidewaysstarion

    Novak "Gen III+ Fuel System Integration Kit" Review

    In a few months I'm going to be tossing an LS1 into my jeep, so I chose the easy way out and ordered up the whole setup from Novak, So far I've only installed the Fuel system. Since I'm going to be running an 00 LS1 I chose the setup that has a regulator. This is the setup I ordered This...
  9. sidewaysstarion

    Rebuilding a 4.0

    About a year or so ago, I acquired a malfunction stroker, I figured I might as well take you along for the ride on this adventure and provide a guide for those that are new to engine rebuilding and these engines. I'll also try to provide links to any special tools that were used so hopefully you...
  10. sidewaysstarion

    WTB 4.0 bell housing

    I need a bell housing for a project, doesn't matter if it's auto or manual. Hell, it can even be cracked. But the cheaper the better. :gee:
  11. sidewaysstarion

    1999 4x4 AW4 transmission (SALE!! New lower price)

    This is the transmission out of my jeep, that is in a very unhappy state of affairs, but if someone wanted to rebuilt it or use it for parts to make a 2wd AW4 a 4x4, it would be great. Pros: Price It's complete with torque converter It has a transgo shift kit installed (Set on full race) Cons...
  12. sidewaysstarion

    Discord Chat system

    So I've been testing out various chat clients both integrated and standalone from the forums software and I came across Discord. I've been using it for the past 3 months to communicate with a group of friends and it seems to work rather well. It has a webclient, desktop and even a mobile client...
  13. sidewaysstarion

    HBD Faultyline

    Happy Birthday party1:
  14. sidewaysstarion

    WTB Tackbar Flagnut and steering shaft

    Long story short, I'm helping someone out with their stock jeep, I'm wondering if someone has any of the following laying around. Stock tackbar bolt and flagnut 84-96 steering intermediate shaft
  15. sidewaysstarion

    Brand New BDS long arm kit

    Long story short I ended up getting a hell of a deal on a BDS long arm lift kit for a friend and he's decided to go another direction. I'm already 3-linked and have no use for it I figured I might as well post it up for sale to give someone else a hell of a deal. This is their 6.5" long arm...
  16. sidewaysstarion

    Garage cleaning time.

    Garage clean out Part 1, more things will be added as I dig them out. Hella 500's with Ebay HID's I dont remeber if the HIDs worked or not, $20 for the pair. Anchor transmission mount for pre 00 $10 Kragen brand 7" HID offroad lights. $40 for the pair. Gold flares with hardware...
  17. sidewaysstarion

    List of shops in socal that offer cheap jeep services

    Steering gearbox and pump rebuilds Box rebuilds are $90 +$40 core w/ 1 year warranty Cj Auto 5909 Firestone Blvd, South Gate, CA 90280 (562) 806-6464 Glass XJ windshield was ~$90 installed Cheap Price Auto Glass 18002 S Vermont Ave...
  18. sidewaysstarion

    Happy Birthday Cal!!

  19. sidewaysstarion

    Would you be down for a socal M&G?

    We have had an M&G in a LONG LONG LONG time. Who would be down for one?:cheers:
  20. sidewaysstarion

    Malware Alert!!

    I was checking out this thread and I got this.