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    Wrightwood Willys& Jeep Day

    I know last minuet, but Tomorrow (SAT 10/12/19) is Wrightwood's Jeep Day & Chili Cook Off. We need representation from the XJ world. HAHA This year it does not look like it will rain either! Come on up, and get away from the city.
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    15th Annual Wrightwood Willys & Jeep Day

    For anyone NOT going to MOAB in October, and in SOCAL, Wrightwood has a great little event for all things Jeep. So Saturday October 13th 2018 All Jeeps are welcome. Family's, dog's. Lots of Jeeps from the very first years to new Jeeps. Also I am thinking of doing a BBQ here at my house for...
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    WTB 21 Spline 231J TC

    I made it home but this some what newer to me transfer case is gernaded. Must be the 21 spline TC's??? Anyway I need one. Looked on carparts, and of course flakeslist. Just wondering if anyone around these parts might have one from a 4cyl XJ or YJ?
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    231J for AX5 Kinda an Emergency!

    I am on my way back from Ouray, and in Show Low AZ. My little XJ has a nice hole in my transfercase. Anyone out this way? Or do you know of any place that might have an 21 spline NP231???
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    Headliner / Overhead Console Question?

    Does anyone have pictures of (preferably 84-96) over head console holes in the headliner? In fact if you have measurements of said holes that would be cool too! I found a nice overhead console a few weeks ago in a junk yard, and want to cut the holes in my headliner before I start to...