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  1. Nimrod

    Hey! The search function actually works with this software!!

    The search feature is much better than on the vBulletin site. But this site still does not recognize Boolean search operators, which would be REALLY nice to have and would make searching much more efficient. I hate to complain, but I am throwing it out there. The search feature, though...
  2. Nimrod

    SoCal Fest 2020

    Is there any plan for SoCal Fest 2020. Has a date been set and a location decided? The sooner we can all get this on our calendars and reserve camp sites the better.
  3. Nimrod

    Tomken gas tank skid installation issue

    I’m trying to install a Tomken gas tank skid on my ‘99 XJ and find that the exhaust pipe is in the way. And I don’t mean it’s just a bit in the way to the point I can clearance it with a pry bar. It’s way more than that. I’m either going to have to modify the exhaust or modify the skid to make...
  4. Nimrod


    In 2014 mako my day entered our chapter in the Laguna Niguel Holiday Parade. We had a good turnout and it was a fun day. Similar parades are held, of course, in towns all over Southern California. Is there any interest in doing it again? If so, now’s probably the time to sign up.
  5. Nimrod

    Alternative replacement for Currie TRE grease boot?

    I want to slap on some new grease boots while I have my tie rod off the Jeep, and I don’t want to order on line and have to wait for delivery if I can avoid it. So I’m wondering if anyone can point me toward a Dorman or similar part number for a boot that’ll fit a Currie TRE and that I can pick...
  6. Nimrod

    ABS (sort of ) brake bleeding

    My '99 XJ was originally equipped with a Dana 35 in the rear and ABS. I swapped the D35 for an 8.25 several years ago and disconnected the ABS. To the best of my recollection, I cut the wires that went to the wheels and removed a fuse to get the ABS light on the dash to turn off. I don't...
  7. Nimrod

    Anyone from SoCal going to Sierra Fest?

    I’m hoping to have my rig road and trail worthy in time for Sierra Fest. If it all comes together, I’ll likely head north from LA on Wednesday, August 8, but I could leave earlier. Wondering if anyone else from SoCal is planning to go.
  8. Nimrod

    Happy 4th of July!

    Happy 4th y’all. Have fun and try not to blow your fingers off.
  9. Nimrod

    Random XJ encounter

    I spotted a film crew working in Griffith Park this evening. I have no idea if they were shooting a movie, TV show, commercial, or something else. Whatever it was, it involved this XJ.
  10. Nimrod


    Post pictures here! I’ll start with a few random shots, but it’ll be a minute because I’ll have to switch to Tapatalk.
  11. Nimrod

    Big Bear eagle nest

    Has anyone else been watching the Big Bear eagle nest live feed at The first chick just shook free of the shell. Pretty cool stuff.
  12. Nimrod

    Lithium ion battery question

    I just bought a new Craftsman lithium ion battery for my old 19.2 volt Craftsman impact wrench. I use the impact wrench only occasionally, but I do carry it with me for tire changes and such when wheeling. The instructions that came with the new battery say to store it at 30% to 50% charge...
  13. Nimrod

    My first 4x4

    Finally forced to do so by a leaky roof, I just unpacked a box of pictures that’ve been in storage for over 20 years and came across a picture of my very first four-wheel drive vehicle, which is pretty danged cool since I thought I didn’t have a picture of it. Here it is — a Korando K9...
  14. Nimrod

    Air tank volume question

    This may be more appropriately posted in the Tools and Garages forum, but I figured it would get more views here. The moderators can always move it if so inclined. I’m thinking of getting an air tank, not to mount up as part of an onboard air system, but just to bring along on the trail or...
  15. Nimrod

    synthetic winch line brake heat protection

    I’m posting this in the XJ modified tech section because I can’t find a better place, but it’s really not XJ-specific. It’s about time I upgrade to a synthetic winch line and ditch the heavy and dangerous steel cable that’s spooled up on my Warn m8000 winch. I understand that a synthetic line...
  16. Nimrod

    SoCal Fest 2019!

    Too early to bring it up? Nah. Spring will be here before we know it. Big Bear this year? Calico? Somewhere different? JV maybe? What do people think? What do chapter BOD members think? (Not that club officers aren’t people. They’re just a different class of people.) Let the...
  17. Nimrod

    RuffStuff D44 diff cover

    I won this RuffStuff Dana 44 diff cover at the raffle in Moab and, as much as I appreciate all donations from club sponsors, I just have no use for it. I'm already rocking a RuffStuff cover on my 8.25. This product is pure beef, constructed of 3/8" steel plate. Bolts are included. RuffStuff...
  18. Nimrod

    RuffStuff Dana 44 diff cover

    I won this diff cover at the raffle this evening and as much as I do sincerely appreciate RuffStuff's support of our club, I just don't have a need for it. I've got one of their covers on my 8.25 and it is a great product. The D44 cover sells for $121 on RuffStuff's website. I'll take $80 for...
  19. Nimrod

    Trail Leader Thread

    In thinking about the administrative aspects of my job this week, I've decided to start this thread as the primary means of communication between me and the trail leaders. I think this will be easier than sending group text messages or even group PMs because I won't have to keep typing in...
  20. Nimrod

    NP242 out of a '92.

    I bought this NP242 T-case from a NAXJA member in 2010 but ended up having mine rebuilt instead, so I didn't use it. The member I bought it from told me it came out of a '92 XJ, that it has somewhere between 100,000 and 115,000 miles on it, and that it worked fine when removed from the donor...