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  1. Israel

    Aug 8-9 Uintas Campout

    Where in the Uintas will this be held?
  2. Israel

    Moderation rights

    Have the new BOD members been given moderation access yet? I just noticed I still do.
  3. Israel

    Nov. 22 meet & greet

    South Towne Olive Garden at 6:30. Be there!
  4. Israel

    June 15th - AF Canyon Run

    I'm open to requests on where to explore in the canyon, but the general plan will be to head up past Tibble Fork Reservoir. We can check out Forest Lake, Mineral Basin, Mary Ellen Gulch... Meet at Tibble Fork Resevoir at 9:00am. If anyone camps up there Friday night, let me know. I may pop...
  5. Israel

    No Chapter Event This Year

    The timing for a run to Sand Flats wasn't the best and if things keep going the way they are, I'm not sure if I'll be able to make time to plan a chapter event anyway. Something else to consider is that our chapter event will be competing with the 30th anniversary event for time and funds from...
  6. Israel

    May 18th - IC Shootout

    Bring your Jeeps, guns, and something to shoot at (no in-laws allowed as targets, sorry). We're going to head out to the desert and have some fun. Meet at the Chevron in Saratoga Springs at 9:00. Don't forget the ammo!
  7. Israel

    5 mile pass

    We will be hitting 5 mile pass on the 23rd of this month. Friendly for beginners up Rattlesnake to Wayne's World. Turn around here, or continue with the brave up Constrictor! Meet at the Walmart in Saratoga Springs at 9:00am. See you there!
  8. Israel

    Pushing 5 mile pass run back a week.

    I can't make it this Saturday after all. So far, Tom95YJ is the only one to show interest in it and he is now out. Of course, I haven't exactly promoted it either. Anyone opposed to moving it to the 23rd?
  9. Israel

    2013 calendar

    Obviously we're having a hard time coming up with a meeting time that we can get together, but we still have work that can be done over the internets. I'd like to get a calendar posted for the members this week so we have some direction on what's happening this year. Is there any strong...
  10. Israel


    Random question... What city do you live in?
  11. Israel

    Photo for the t-shirts

    Instead of visiting the t-shirt shop today, I've been wrenching on the jeep. I also still need a photo for the back of the shirts. I'm looking for something that has both an XJ and an MJ with Moab scenery in the background. If anyone happens to have something like that and would love to see...
  12. Israel

    2012 Fall Fling Trail Schedule

    Check this post often for updates! As promised, here is the trail schedule as we have it so far. You can see we still need a couple trail leaders. If you can help, please let us know. Keep in mind, if we don't have a leader, we don't have a usable trail. In other words, all trails without...
  13. Israel

    Cabin 1?

    Did anyone with NAXJA end up getting cabin #1 at slickrock this year?
  14. Israel


    We realize many people are saving their pennies for next year's big anniversary Fall Fling, so we are not planning on making a lot of shirts. I can tell you they will be $20 like in years past, and we're hoping to keep up the tradition of quality that Mike has been offering lately. So... If...
  15. Israel


    Do we have something planned for National Public Lands Day? If not, I think RME is doing their clean-up at 5 mile pass. I'd like to run the snakes afterwards if we do that.
  16. Israel

    ***Official Registration Thread***

    Vince did such a good job with this for the 2009 Fall Fling that I'm borrowing it from his registration thread. The registration fee for Fall Fling is $25. This fee is payable when you complete your registration in person at the Slickrock Campground. The fee includes Saturday's trail fee and...
  17. Israel

    FF T-shirts

    Judging from facebook, it looks like Mike is back. Is he willing to do t-shirts again?
  18. Israel

    Fall Fling of yesteryear

    So I was browsing past Fall Flings and came across this: It appears I'm ready for the "Difficult... No really" trails. Mom would be so proud. :D
  19. Israel

    FF Trails List

    Hopefully this link works. I'm using google docs so I can make changes to the trail list from wherever I am. Let me know if you think something should be changed.
  20. Israel

    FF BBQ

    IF you guys decide to do a cookout for the big Friday night dinner, I can bring a big grill from work. It's probably 4 or 5 feet wide by 2 feet deep. I'd want to unload it as soon as I got to Moab since it would be riding in the back of the WJ and I plan on running trails in the WJ. I can...