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    Looking for running 4.0l

    Looking for a running 4.0 for my 93 xj. Blew the first motor that turned out to be an 88, bought a 92 4.0l off Craigslist for 300 ended up having major rod knock so hoping naxja will treat me better. Doesn’t have to be perfect just something to get me rolling for a while.
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    Renix to H.O

    I have a 93 xj ish... driving to work the other day and my idle stared to get real rough, like holy hell thats a crazy cam rough. Got home did a compression test got 122-130 on cylinders 1-5 but on cylinder 6 I got thirty. Took a nifty syringe and tube thing I made (girlfriends a vet tech) and...
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    Rock link?

    Just looking to get some opinions on iron rocks rock link 3 link. Thinking of ordering it but don’t know anything about it and the iro flex joints
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    D30 cad delete...

    So I finally got around to cracking open the old 87 d30 with 4.10s. I am trying to do the 2 to one piece axle shaft conversion but quickly realized I apparently have a unicorn axle. First the axle shaft had a e clip holding the shaft in at the carrier which I’ve seen many ppl argue “there is no...
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    Used leafs

    Looking for some used leafs that are in decent shape that are in or around Portland Oregon. Looking to spend 20-40 on them.
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    Used leafs

    Looking for some used leafs in decent shape. Mine are shot and I'm looking for something to get me by till I can get a lift. I'm in Portland and looking to spend like 20-40 bucks on em. Thank you
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    86 d30 4.10 swap

    I have a 93 xj with 3.55 gears. Pulled a 86 d30 with 4.10 gears, plan on using my 93 steering knuckle hub brakes etc. Pulled axle shafts out of 98 and got a cad delete kit with seal and got new seal for short side as well. Plan on putting everything together as soon as the weather gets better...
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    Convering 86 d30 cad to 93 d30

    So here is the skinny, i have a 93 xj witj stock gears, 3.55? I plan on lifting it but being that its my dd and im cheap/broke im trying to do it in stages. First problem is tge gear ratio. I pulled a dana 30 out of a 86 xj with stock 4.10 gears and i plan on pullin a 8.8 with 4.10s out of an...
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    18v overcharging!

    New to forums so sorry in advance if i break any protocol im unaware of. So i just bought a 93 xj 4.0 with a automatic transmission and now im having a overcharging issue, everytime i floor it the idiot gauge just about pegs to 19, normally it will settle back down after a few seconds and go...