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    Beer Run

    Andy can you bring me 2 cases(24 bottles) of Cow? Someone brought me a six pack of cans last year. Iron horse maybe??? Rewster was that you? I would like 24 of those again.
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    I need a dana 30 drivers side knuckle. Mine has stripped out caliper mounting threads. 100 bux on amazon. What you have laying around?
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    Driveway Shots

    Do you do these. This is mine, see everyone in PA tomorrow. Sent from my VS500PP using Tapatalk
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    Wheeler Run

    Well it is official. Wheeler Run at Rocks and Valleys. We are camping about 35 mins away: 248 N 8 Mile Rd. Midland Michigan. It is mostly primitive camping so anyone with a huge motor home might want to check locally. I can't wait to see you on the trails.
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    Memorial Day Weekend

    So lets get together some where. I would like to do some thing new to me, The Cliffs, Rocks and Valleys, or Silver Lake. I am open to suggestions, but lets put this together. Prolly not an official event but we can always wish.
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    Home and thanks

    I made it home. Thanks to the entire club, it was great. Personal thanks to Cliff for the rides, Rew for leading us on Sat. and Ares for the great bumper I won. Again thanks to the BOD, sponsors, and the women that worked so hard behind the scenes(Grace, Suzie, Molly, Kim, and any other wives I...
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    The Driveway Post

    Guess I will start since I am so ready to go. Is it the 6th yet?
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    Beer Run

    Anyone coming from Wisconsin(Andy)? I would like 2 cases of Spotted Cow(24 bottles total). TIA
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    Some parts

    Parts I have laying around that I no longer have a use for. Iron Rock sliders. Scratched paint and I don't have the mounting hardware. If you call IRO and have them bring the hardware, I will take it off. $150-price of hardware. Zj solid tie rod complete with adjuster and new short end. $50...
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    Iron rock stuff

    I have these: They are used, a little scratched, and maybe some small dents. No hardware. $150 delivered to Moab. I also have a set of their mid section frame stiffeners with some spotty surface rust...
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    To Do List

    Little more than a month away. Seen a lot of #moabprep, so what is left to do? Luckily most of mine are wants, not needs. Jeep: -4x6 rocker steel (a want not a trip stopper) -New bushings in front end(again not a stopper) Tow truck: -New steer tires(gotta happen) -Decent stereo(want) -Spare...
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    Home and thanks

    I am home: I would like to thank the SEC chapter for putting on a cool event, the sponsors for donating all that cool swag, Andy G., Chris P., Jason M., Craig (for leading me around the mountain), Dan, Craig, and Cody(plus anyone else that helped me fix the PS, so I could wheel Sat.). I had a...
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    Drive way shots

    Well the "Chuck Wagon" is loaded up, just gotta hook the truck to it on Wed. See you all soon I hope:
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    D30 carrier ?

    One is a carrier from a D30 with 3.55 gears and one I bought as a 3.73 and up carrier. I put them both in a box and now don't know which is which. I am having 4.56 gears installed in about a week. Not a big deal as I can take both. My worry is do I really have a 3.73 and up carrier? The only...
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    What are you wheeling?

    I won this cool new ride at Macgyvers's last night: If I can get it put together in time, I will catch some air with it at WF. If not I guess I will just bring the Chuck Wagon: So, what is everyone wheeling this year?
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    main bearings

    Any one ever replaced main and rod bearings with the motor still in the jeep? I have one knocking, thinking about doing main bearings, rod bearings, oil pump, rear main seal, and timing chain with motor still in jeep. Thoughts?
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    Throttle Valve Cable (Kickdown Cable)

    Long story, short. Anyone change one? How to change the tranny end? 1999 xj, 4.0, AW4 ** Long story. About 8 months ago my throttle seized up and wouldn't move. I found a worn spot in my TVC, so I disconnected it to see what would happen. Now I have throttle again, but it doesn't shift out of...
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    Big Thanks

    Thanks to every one who made the crawl happen (SEC, Sponsors, and Black Mountain Adventure Park). Also want to thank those that led, gunned, spotted, or winched me. I am sure I could never have gotten this little jeep over any of that chit without y'all. Last but not least, thanks to anyone who...
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    ISO battery hold down

    Any of you guys that parted out have a factory battery box? I broke the bottom plastic piece. My hold down hardware is still good but need the bottom plastic piece. TIA
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    shock relocation ?

    On previous brands I have owned, the shocks were mounted on the leaf spring plate. Any reason this can't be done on XJ's? Seems like an easy way to get rid of the anchors that are the lower shock mounts. Any one sell these or will I have to fab up a set?