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  1. smokeyyank

    Project Potimus

    Thanks for checking out my new build thread! Originally I was going to call it Smokey 2.0, but due to a really unfortunate event I decided to name it as a tribute to my furry four legged best friend that was tragically lost right before starting it. His nickname was Potimus. Onward and upward...
  2. smokeyyank

    pic test

    please delete [/IMG]
  3. smokeyyank

    Anyone do fab work on the side?

    I'm looking to get some bumpers and sliders made for the WJ. People make some fn ugly boxy sh*t that sticks out for miles......I've only found one front bumper I like. The rear is, well, proving to be a challenge. For the front looking for something like this. Want a recessed winch and...
  4. smokeyyank

    What lift?

    Getting ready to start building up the WJ. Stuck in regards to the lift. This will be mainly a DD and family camping rig so not looking to get crazy. Originally was going to run OME coils and keep stock control arms and a few other things but I'm worried that the OME coils wont net me enough...
  5. smokeyyank

    Clearing out a bunch of XJ stuff

    Deciding to get rid of my XJ stuff since most wont work on the MJ and I'm building the WJ. Below is what I got. Prices are listed or make an offer. -Brand new IRO frame stiffners. Sill in the package. Both front and center sections. They where $330 brand new plus S/H. I'll take $300...
  6. smokeyyank

    Looking for someone to rebuild an engine

    Picked up a WJ that will need a engine rebuild. My buddy that I would normally take it to is waayyyy too backed up. Anyone got any recommendations? It's the 4.7HO. Thanks
  7. smokeyyank

    WTB a WJ

    Just throwing it out there...... Anyone know someone or have a 01-04 WJ they are looking to sell? Looking for either an Overland or Limited with a 4.7HO. Running or not. Nothing beat to crap. No tan Interior. PM me if you do. Thanks
  8. smokeyyank

    Flood damage....

    Non tech topic but interested to ehar what people might have to say. My dad recently picked up a WJ from a mechanic friend that rebuilt engine and tranny. He got it dirt cheap, when he went to register it the title was listed as rebuilt from salvage due to flood. Now to make things weird when...
  9. smokeyyank

    Upper front shock nut size

    Anyone know off the top of their head what size nut goes on top of the front shock?
  10. smokeyyank

    What year steering column swaps into what?

    Just needing some clarifacation. What years swap into what? I've read 90-91 can only swap in same years. Read that anything pre 94 is a direct swap. Vehicle in question is a 90 ax15 with the HO. Wanting to swap in a column from a 93 AW4. Cheers
  11. smokeyyank

    Considering the next build

    Long story short; had an XJ, unibody cracked so had the great idea I was going to chop it up and make a buggy. Then I had a baby and needed a family friendly car. Wife didn't want me to get another Jeep or let the baby ride in the MJ. So instead got a BMW X5 (talk about wayyyyy different). As...
  12. smokeyyank

    What do you think of living on the Western Slope?

    So the wife and I are heavily considering moving out of Denver. We both grew up here, love Colorado, but frankly are just sick of Denver. We've been debating on areas to move to and so far Grand Junction is our top spot. We have friends out there and visit a few times a year and always enjoy...
  13. smokeyyank

    Hidden winch bumper

    Just picked up a winch for the MJ and am going to need to fab up a front bumper. Anyone have a hidden winch design they'd like to share? Winch is a Smittybilt 9.5k. As always appreciate the input.
  14. smokeyyank

    Anyone do auto glass?!

    So lucky me, had some D bag kids shoot out the rear window of the MJ last night. Seriously hate Highland Ranch. So anyone do or know someone that can get it fixed? It was a sliding glass which I would like but from what I've gathered they are no longer made and most aftermarket isn't the best...
  15. smokeyyank

    Looking for tent advice

    So the days of my Ozark trail 4 person Chinese tent aka 2 person sardine sack are over. Had a baby a few months ago and need to upgrade to something that is bigger. I've been digging around and looking at some options but was wondering what you guys use or would recommend. This will be 100% a...
  16. smokeyyank

    Engine removal

    Looking for some tips to remove the driveline (engine, trans, tcase) from the XJ. Basically I'm going to strip and part the rig out. I've already pulled of the axles and drive shafts. Was planning on pulling the front clip of as well. Does have AC but is not charged. Is everything pretty...
  17. smokeyyank

    What traction device should I use...

    Got builder axles for my MJ and am slowly accumulating parts to get them pieced together. Will be running a HP30, 8.25, 4.56 gears on 33's. I'm torn on what I should use for traction. If money was no issue air lockers would win. The MJ will be used mainly as a DD and weekend camping rig. Right...
  18. smokeyyank

    The "Kraut" wagon

    Figured I would post this up for any interested minds. This is my 03 BMW X5 4.6is. Searched a while to find one as they are rare cars and an even rarer color. This one came from AZ and has been a AZ/CA it's whole life. Only a few hundred of the Estroil blue ones where produced and was a...
  19. smokeyyank

    What's needed to freshen up RE control arms?

    I pulled a bunch of stuff of my XJ and part of it is a RE lift. I originally was just going to sell it all but then I got a MJ. Now the thought is to just transfer over the lift to that, but the bushing are shot. What all would I need to get the control arms back to new to get them under the MJ...
  20. smokeyyank

    Advice on front suspenion

    In the process of the new build and want to start sourcing some parts. Ideally, I want to fab a 3 link in the front. I have a HP44 that I'm building for it so will get the TnT truss for that. Will be running 35's and aiming for about 5" of lift. Here's what I'm thinking..... -Clayton cross...