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    Catalytic Converter - Welded?

    The XJ is a 96 Sport with the 4.0 and about 65K original miles on it. The cat has been rattling recently, and after looking under it tonight the stock cat appears to be held on with U-clamps at both ends. I was positive I'd have to cut it off at the downpipe end. This makes installing a new cat...
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    Pic Test

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    Constant Tension Clamp From Hades.

    This is the one attaching the lower radiator hose to the water pump. The clamp tangs are up under a brace and almost impossible to reach. I finally removed the left fan and used a CT clamp tool to get it loose enough to pry downward past the waterpump tang, allowing the lower hose to be pulled...
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    LED Headlights ?

    Does anyone have experience with LED headlights, such as Truck-Lite or Bear Claw brands? Thanks.
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    What's the best starter?

    My 96 has started to drag a bit when starting. Just bought a new battery, and the cables are tight with clean terminals. I think I'll just replace the starter instead of changing brushes. There are several brands available, including Bosch. Is Bosch the best? Thanks in advance.
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    Polished Eccos?

    Just wondering if anyone has removed the paint (powdercoat) on Ecco wheels and polished them up? The painted wheels look OK, but bare polished aluminum might give the XJ some extra 'bling'...?
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    Oil pouring from distributor mount...

    It's a 96 4.0 XJ with a new Omix-Ada distributor installed a few months ago. Since then I've been searching for the source of a huge oil leak; should have suspected the dist but I did install a gasket with it and thought I did a good job. After a 5 mile drive today I immediately popped the hood...
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    Differences in CPS?

    I have a 96 4.0 AW4, with a build date of May 96. It does have an OBD II connector. According to my parts searching, the 94,95, and 96 use the same part number. I'm a bit confused because some of them say "exc OBD II", and mine does have OBD II. Is there a difference between the manual and auto...
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    One more oil leak cause...

    After reading all the oil leak threads here, and crawling under the Jeep numerous times, I finally found the leak source. It was hard to find because the oil was covering the oil pan and getting on everything underneath after driving. I had checked everything from the pressure sender to valve...
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    Will faulty O2 sensor strand me on the roadside?

    Hi guys. My 96 4.0L is running great now after installing a new distributor (due to it's eating the CMP sensor). Now I'm gunshy about driving it, after being stranded on the roadside. I've read here that faulty O2 sensors will stall the engine...? If that's true, should I install a new one...
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    Jeep took a flatbed ride today.....

    It's a 96 XJ, 4.0 and AW4 with only 64K on the clock. Was running fine, then about a mile from home suddenly quit and wouldn't restart. I tried the CPS unplug/replug trick with no success, then called for a tow. The fuel pump is running, but no spark at the plugs. It has a recently installed...
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    Oil Filter Adapter O-Ring Size(s)...?

    Hi all; I'm looking for a set of O-rings for the filter adapter on my 96 4.0. RockAuto shows two different sizes; one is about .8" and the other is about .9" in diameter. Are both of these sizes required, or is the same size used for both O-rings? Thanks, ROE
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    Dynomax tip angle; just looks wrong, can I bend it straight?

    Hi guys. Maybe it's my OCD kicking in, but I like to see exhaust tips come out straight from the back. My new Dynomax cat-back tip angles to the right and down about 30*. How hard is it to bend the pipe so the tip exits straight? Thanks, ROE
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    Foolproof way to remove rear shock bolts.

    This is probably the most posted subject here, but I just had to share what worked for me: There's probably very few XJs left with original rear shocks, but mine was one of them, so here's the way I got all 4 out without snapping the bolts in two. First I applied torque to tighten them...
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    Which leaf to exchange with AAL to retain stock height?

    Hi guys. Another question regarding the Rusty's Add-A-Leaf on my 96 Sport. The AAL is supposed to add 2" of lift, and I'd rather retain the stock height or maybe one inch of lift. I'm just trying to beef up the rear springs for load carrying capability. Should I remove one of the existing...
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    Online source for spring U-bolts?

    Hi all. The local parts stores in my area don't have the rear spring U-bolts in stock, and have to order them. Heck, I can do that. What's the best online source for U-bolts, and other Jeep parts for that matter? Thanks, ROE
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    Leaf spring center bolt - how do I get it out?

    This is a 96 that I'm installing a Rusty's Add-A-Leaf on. It's a long one that installs directly under the main leaf. The center bolt that holds the pack together looks to be screwed into the sway bar mount on the top of the this correct? The other end of the bolt has a round head...
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    Rusty's AAL Question

    Hi all. I just ordered a long leaf AAL from Rustys; this is just to beef up the rear springs a little, and not to gain much lift over stock height (maybe 1 inch or so). Is this AAL kit supposed to replace one of the existing springs in my stock pack? And if not, will I need a longer center...
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    Has anyone snapped a bolt off the CPS.....?

    I was well on the way to replacing the CPS on my 96 Sport this afternoon, but got hung up on the bottom bolt. It just would not come loose. The top one came loose fine, but the bottom bolt is stuck solid. The 1/4" socket and extensions/swivel wouldn't apply enough torque to break it loose, even...
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    Possible easier access to the CPS...?

    !!!1 I know this subject has been beaten to death, but I haven't seen reference to this before: On my 96, there's two bolts holding on the shifter cable brace. It looks like if this brace is removed and placed to the side, the area around the CPS will be opened up enough to easily access and...