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  1. MMIXJ

    front wiper motor wire diagram -- "park"

    hey folks, i'm trying to retrofit a front wiper motor from a '99 XJ for use in a '52 ford truck (using a '72 ford truck wiper switch)... pulled a motor from the junkyard, but for some reason the wiper motor wiring diagram in my 00/01 XJ FSM doesn't actually match the motor (?). oddly, the...
  2. MMIXJ

    leaky axle -- D44 drum brake question(s)

    2 issues at hand: 1) last summer i did my first brake job on the D44 rear, but the shop wouldn't turn the drums, so i bought new ones along w/ the shoes, etc. however, once the drums were torqued, they would not turn -- they were machined slightly too shallow and were making contact w/ the...
  3. MMIXJ

    Looking for Grant

    Anyone got current contact info for Grant Barclay? A friend of mine is looking to "upgrade" his '03 MINI Cooper S, and if I recall, didn't Grant build/race those things back in the day? Thanks in advance.
  4. MMIXJ

    welder in jeffco?

    think i figured out where that clunking noise is coming from... upper control arm mount on D30HP w/ TNT radius longarms: ...wondering if i were to cinch it down w/ a ratchet strap if someone could run a bead for me, or is that a bad idea? if so, can it be welded as-is under the vehicle w/o...
  5. MMIXJ

    misfire: injectors or plugs?

    '01 w/ ~93K miles running rough lately, and actually threw a "cylinder 4 misfire" code the other day (so says the free check at autozone). was thinking of replacing plugs (would be the 2nd time: once @ 35K; "schedule B" says i shoulda done again at 60 and 90), but autozone guy suggested it...
  6. MMIXJ

    yep, it's been a while...

    wanted to ride someplace different yesterday, and realized it had been way too long since i had the jeep offroad... two birds, meet one stone (not too bad, for street tires): time to get some exercise... (yep, still riding your old Tracer, Jeff :thumbup:) :)
  7. MMIXJ

    Yo Troy...

    ...on the way home from Boulder this evening back to Golden on hwy 93, there was a line of at least 30+ Jeffco cruisers all headed north w/ lights flashing but no sirens. seemed almost like a police funeral procession, but didn't see a hearse anywhere. what's up?
  8. MMIXJ

    FYI: Carnage (LHC) impassable this weekend

    went up there this morning and some massive trees have blown down at the bottom. luckily it happened about 10 feet past the entrance to 286, so you can still get up to the top around the back way to play on mother hill and the like. i'd guess that unless someone gets a crew w/ chainsaws and...
  9. MMIXJ

    the moab crew:

    think i got a photo of everyone (ahem)... our fearless leader: his trusty sidekick: the moab virgin: mr. limited slip: chugga chugga choo choo: some guy who brought his parents along: "junior": the springers: ;) some other guy in a green jeep: the...
  10. MMIXJ

    MOAB ... damage

    precursory overview of the jeep shows only slight carnage from moab... most notably my broken shock: somehow the stud backed its way out of the lower mount and during my JeepSpeed run :D after pritchett i think the lower part of the shock worked its way off completely and then likely got...
  11. MMIXJ

    vacuum leak? (x-post in case any of youse geniuses have any ideas...) ;) thanks.
  12. MMIXJ

    how to find vacuum leak?

    '01 XJ, 70K miles. about a month or so ago the engine light came on, so pulled the codes to find "small vacuum leak" and "large vacuum leak". using the diagram on the firewall in the engine compartment i attempted to visually inspect all the hoses. typical wear & tear, but not too bad...
  13. MMIXJ

    driver tail light; grey console ashtray (+97)

    no hurry at all, but i'll be looking to replace both the driver's side rear tail light as well as the ashtray from the rear of the center console (grey) for my '01. johnjohn, i know many, many, many, moons ago we talked about the tail light you had up for grabs, but i'm assuming you've let that...
  14. MMIXJ

    PM issues

    i'm having some problems w/ my PMs... under "total" it shows 278 messages, but under "inbox" and "sent" folders it says 0 messages. so how do i access those older 278 messages? i tried the download messages option, but it only downloaded the message i sent earlier tonight (number 279 i...
  15. MMIXJ

    plasma cutter recommendation

    {i asked about this in the CO forum, but thought i'd cast a wider net.} ;) so my mom wants to buy my dad a plasma cutter for christmas... any recommendations? somebody said they had good luck w/ one from THERMAL DYNAMICS. :dunno: hobart, miller, other?? he's got 220 in the garage, and will...
  16. MMIXJ

    plasma cutter recommendation

    hey folks, my mom told me she is thinking about buying a plasma cutter for my dad for christmas (heh heh heh... seems i may have to visit more often!). ;) anyway, she was looking online and saw hobart, miller, etc. but wasn't sure what to get. i told her i'd inquire and get some real world...
  17. MMIXJ

    "christmas caravan for kids" saturday...

    anyone else planning on going (to the jeffco one that is)?
  18. MMIXJ

    ball joints ... ?!

    went to get an alignment and the shop couldn't do it because the upper ball joints are shot... they want $450 to replace (uppers only!). my Haynes manual says a special tool is required and so it has to be taken to a dealer/shop. am i SOL? (dana 30, non-disco) thanks.
  19. MMIXJ

    fall fling?

    hey strangers-- haven't been out in the jeep (or here in the forum) too much this year (blame jeff for selling me his mtn bike last fall ;)), but i'm considering heading out to the fall fling in moab next month if i can get some new rubber... anyone from the CO chapter heading out there...
  20. MMIXJ

    chapter celebrities

    may issue of JP... fatwreck, kudos for three photos --including the solo shot in the back of the mag-- even if the first one is of you getting strapped by bob! ;) bob, nice scrambler, but hey, this is NAXJA. :jester: ...and the winner is willyb-- yanking out bob's loaded down tow rig in the...