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    I will update later.
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    Dirt Riot Tucson 5/16

    Anyone? MC Motorsport Park.
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    Trails I want to run

    Friday night: Elvis I want to run some or all of the following during the weekend. Highway 2 Hell Bad Medicine Axle Alley Any takers?:piratefla
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    WE ROCK/Dirt Riot 3/7-3/8

    WE ROCK/Dirt riot season opener. This weekend is a double header rock crawling Saturday and Racing Sunday. Camping is available for spectators all weekend. More details soon. I'll be Judging Saturday and racing Sunday. I'll post up more as it...
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    who sells

    Sway bars. I need one for my racing cherocar.
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    Got bit by the go-fast bug.

    I'm not very good at build threads. I've been around the block with my XJ a few times. She's a beater that gets treated as so. I've had it since October of 06 signed up here in 07 and have been hooked since. My XJ has evolved from a decent used DD to a beater trail rig I'm trying to getting into...
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    Can's access my email

    I lost my password and can't get into my email. I need it reset.
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    Rubicon conditions

    Just wondering what the typical season is to run The Rubicon? Thanks
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    New Years Wheeling

    Florence December 27-29. Probably camping on STL land. Were planning on running harder stuff. Might do a hangover run at Table Mesa New Years Day.
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    I assume dispersed camping? STL/BLM pick your poison? Cottonwood Canyon Road? I'm probably going to give in and get a STL permit.
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    Ultra4 races 9/28

    Anyone going? It's at Thunder Rock Ranch in Congress, Az stock/mod class race starts at 8a
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    Flagstaff Dead Doe ldw2013

    What a great weekend! Though it did start off rough. Loaded up the trailer Friday and heard a pretty loud pop and the steering became very unresponsive. So I headed to Fly N Hi to pickup a harness that Jeremy had in short order. He really saved my weekend plans. Thank you Jeremy. While I was...
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    9/14 Table Mesa

    Anyone interested in actually wheeling? Hit the usual LT UT PRED and maybe Conda? Meet at 7a BTG campground 33/2's and 1 locker please
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    wtb: Trailer tires/rims

    I'm in the middle of freshening up my trailer for the upcoming season. Looking for two rims 15x6ish 5 on 4.5 with zero offset, and two tires in 205 75 15 flavor. DOT's at least 3 years old or newer.
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    King of the Hammers Vindication premier 8/24

    At the Scottsdale Pavillion theatre. Movie starts at 3p. 15 dollars per ticket. Some people are bringing their rigs for the car show afterwards.
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    Parker 4 Wheelers Desert Splash 11/8-10

    Don't be skurred
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    Tongue length

    What are you guys running for tongue length on you flatbeds? Measured from the bed to coupler? From what I've seen mine is much longer than most out there (that's what she said). I'm considering shortening mine but would like to know what's normal before I take on the project.
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    Feeler semi part out

    Would anyone be interested in buying a heavily modified 01 chassis? Specs: 01 4 door removeable front doors ... boxed rockers with 2x6x3/16 Lii front frame stiffners HD Offroad main stiffners HD shackle relocation brackets TNT style front inner wheel wells Custom rear wrap around quatergaurds...