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  1. jmaxj

    Where's the morning meeting spot?

    I might have missed it somewhere if so you can delete this thread. But where's the headquarters morning trail signup meeting spot going to be at this yr?
  2. jmaxj

    Going to take a ride throught the uintas

    Going to take a ride through the uintas 8/23 if anyone wants to tag along plan on meeting at the chevron on main and the mirror lake hwy at 10. Basically going to Alexander lake then take the scenic route back to Heber
  3. jmaxj

    June run

    I figured I'd bring this up here. I have quite a few asking me if the chapter June run is happening. Apparently people don't see I'm not in charge no more lol Just letting you all know so if so you can get info up. I will not be able to make this again sadly since its race weekend, I'll...
  4. jmaxj

    Pre spring wandering.

    So after finding the stansbury island petroglyphs and the redman pictograph last weekend I decided to spend another nice sunday out looking for story rock. Story rock is a rock full of oceanic petroglyphs that the Hawaiian settlers left in the late 1800's, there is hardly any information on this...
  5. jmaxj

    Pony express run

    I only took a couple pics. my girls took the rest. but here's a couple. Getting ready to eat some of steve's great chili. the rest are HERE
  6. jmaxj

    D35 lockright

    Like the title says, I have a lockright for a 35 comes with a new spring and pin kit. 150 +shipping located in ut.
  7. jmaxj

    Nov 9th run

    Is this still on? We need details :D or if you guys want I'll lead this run. But I do not stop at every station marker. Mainly the "highlights" the important ones like lookout, Simpson and such. Just let me know so If I need I can get details posted ASAP.
  8. jmaxj

    Best ad for an XJ ever!
  9. jmaxj

    The sucks to be you thread.

    This is for those sitting at home when they should be in Moab. You can look at all our fun :D I'll start with the simple crossing the bridge into town shot.
  10. jmaxj

    Con ferr roof rack.

    I've got a rack that was on my xj, slight damage easily fixed. Comes with all hardware to mount to rain gutters. 200.00 if you fix, 350 if I fix. Can deliver to Moab.
  11. jmaxj

    D35 lockright wanted.

    The one in my ZJ is acting up so if anyone knows of one for cheap let me know. Don't care about location they ship cheap. Also don't want to buy new cause this axle is leaving the jeep after FF Thanks
  12. jmaxj

    I think she's a keeper.

    Long story short........took the new girlfriend to moab for her first moab\wheelin experience. the second day into the trip she was talking about wanting to drive a trail. we just happened to be running upper helldorado that day, and it's been awile since i walked and drank on that trail so i...
  13. jmaxj

    Bender opinions, help me decide!

    I'm looking to upgrade to a newer bender, right now I have a JD2 model 2 it works great but its time for something new. I've been looking at the new JD32 and the pro tools mb105HD and can't decide which one. Here's the question. Anyone have any real experience with either of those? What do...
  14. jmaxj

    WOTR trip report thread.

    I know there were a few ICer's down there for the Winter on the Rocks event. lets see some pics or a report of how your trip went :D after i get done sorting through 3 different camera's pics and videos i'll post mine.
  15. jmaxj

    Which weekend works for y'all??

    We need to all get together sometime to do the switch, cory leaves Feb 1st (i think it was) so anytime before then. i'll be gone from the 24th-28th so i'm good before then :D Just let me know when works for you guys. or it can wait til Feb if its easier.
  16. jmaxj

    Anyone wanna go wander the desert and play in the snow tomorrow?

    I need out, so I think I'm going to go wander around . No real plan yet but if there's some interest I can make one :)
  17. jmaxj

    Christmas party.

    Since i noticed it is now december, anyone have any ideas for what to do for a xmas party? and when?
  18. jmaxj

    Extra Shirts!!!

    We have a few left over shirts from this yrs Fall Fling. PM Israel or myself if you would like one. Also there are some left over from the previous yrs as well. PM MJR if you'd like one of those. Thanks
  19. jmaxj


    whats your schedule like this saturday? the 17th
  20. jmaxj

    A special thanks to............

    Israel for having the shirts done and taking a short evening trip to bring the shirts to the event. as well as setting up the trails and everything up to the event. Sandysteve and smokincamel for helping with the cooking duties, and dennis for use of his grill as well. Gorillaxj and ATR for...