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  1. POSJ

    Moving a non-mobile Comanche

    So....I have an issue, I'm going to be out of the country for six or so months and my wife wants to sell our house lol. She said she will do everything to sell the house and deal with the move. Obviously this is not ideal, but she has her heart set on it. My Comanche build is going as slowly...
  2. POSJ

    Having a bad day?

    I imagine it is still better than towing a mobile home/site facility and having it break in half. But the good news, it appears to be for sale lol.
  3. POSJ

    Quote Please

    I have a list that I need quoted, trying to give business to the vendors over here on NAXJA before I go elsewhere. If you can quote the whole thing or just select items let me know: Axle stuff: One Dana 60 35 spline Detroit 4.56 and up. One Dana 60 30 spline Detroit 4.56 and up...
  4. POSJ

    1991 Comanche Build(AKA the POS Jeep)

    Disclaimer: This will be my build thread and it is going to take a long time to complete(2-3 years) so don't expect a ton of updates. I have asked questions in modified and created multiple threads elsewhere but I am trying to bring it all to one section and I will give and follow up post...
  5. POSJ

    Help me identify this axle

    So I scored a Superdooty axle today, needs work but got it for cheap. I've read there are differences between the 05-07 and 08-10,but don't know what they are...anyway here are pictures.
  6. POSJ

    What is this? It isn't a Comanche, but it isn't a 2dr or a 4 dr XJ...?
  7. POSJ

    Welding Table

    Post up pictures of your welding table. I'm building one out of 1/8" 3x1.5 rectangle with 1/4" plate as the top. I know a everybody says go as thick as possible, 1/4" should work for the projects I plan to do. Here is what I have so far: Still trying to get better penetration, but I...
  8. POSJ

    POSJ's SWB Build

    Not that it really matters at this point if it's SWB or LWB... Besides replacing the whole rear frame section, has anybody actually plated theirs? What did you do about the stiffening bead above the wheelwell? I am going to try relocating my spare tire under my flatbed and since I have the...
  9. POSJ

    Overhead Hoist

    I've got a short I-beam mounted to the ceiling in my shop, it was there when I bought the house so I'm not sure how much weight I trust it to hold. It has a trolley that I want to mount an overhead chain or electric hoist to. I am leaning more toward a chain hoist because I feel they are more...
  10. POSJ

    Easy fab, bumper modification.

    I am by no means a good fabricator. But I wanted to create this thread to show that anybody with a welder and some patients can burn some metal together. A lot of the guys that fab their own stuff talk down rather than help the people who have never done it before. It is a big jump getting...
  11. POSJ

    Minot, ND

    I've been driving around town and on base and I've seen probably 6-7 different lifted XJ's anybody on this board? Or do I need to start dropping off business cards?
  12. POSJ

    Road Trip!

    So my total trip is from Penngrove, CA to Minot, ND. I am doing this trip in a 91' Comanche Eliminator on 35's and 4.56 gears. My speedo is a little off so all distances are Google based. Today's leg was a short one: Penngrove, CA to Nevada City, CA. The trip was pretty good, except the...
  13. POSJ

    35" BFG KM's (old style)

    Four BFG KM's like the title says. They are date coded around 0505-0550 so they are old. Decent tread on two of them two are low but still OK. Two are still mounted and I'll get them
  14. POSJ

    New shoes

    Just ponied up and replaced my old tire with some MT/R Kevlars...I hate beadlocks lol, I am having to replace all of the hardware. The local hardware store and Lowe's didn't have enough grade 8 bolts so I have to use grade 5.
  15. POSJ

    WTB: Random Jeep/utility stuff

    I have a list of some things I am looking for prior to moving to North Dakota. Hi-lift jack, 36" or 48" 4'x8' utility trailer Tow straps 2-way radios Ratchet straps Action packers/Rubbermaid containers CB radio Might need a new 231J but that is another story...
  16. POSJ

    WTB: 35's or 37's

    I don't have the coin for a new set of tires but I am in need of a new set. Looking for a set in the 35-37" range for a 15" wheel. I wont be in the state until the middle of February. And the closer to Santa Rosa the better. Thanks...
  17. POSJ

    Moving In...

    I'll be moving to the MWC in March specifically the Minot, ND area. Anybody else up that way?
  18. POSJ

    Vehicle shipping

    Anybody know of any companies either local or trusted that can get a Comanche from Oregon to the Bay Area in Cali?
  19. POSJ

    Vehicle Transport

    Anybody know of a cheaper transport company than websites like
  20. POSJ

    About to jump

    I'm about to buy a 1986 4.0, 5spd, 4x4...I know it's a BA/10 don't know what rear axle it there anything I need to know before I buy it or any reason I shouldn't? It only has 73,000 miles on it.