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  1. Ba-Riedo

    4405 Land Use Team and Master-Pull

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE December 16th, 2011 Master-Pull partners with Team 4405 for the 2012 King of the Hammers The Master-Pull 4405 Team will continue to “Race for Access” Master-Pull, the leader in synthetic ropes and recovery equipment, has partnered with Travis Carpenter’s 4405 Land-Use...
  2. Ba-Riedo

    trailer tongue jack questions

    I need to get a new trailer jack for a trailer that my buddy is letting me use whenever I need to tow my jeep around until I get my own. The tongue jack that is on his currently is a tow swivel round one that sucks, it is hard to move and looks like it is going to fall apart. It also drags...
  3. Ba-Riedo

    laptop charging questions

    I recently picked up a new macbook pro for school and work. In order to maximize the battery lifetime is it better to leave it unplugged and drain the battery fully before I charge it? Or leave it plugged in while I am at home and not worry about charging it fully or partially. I want the...
  4. Ba-Riedo

    switched from a pc to a mac

    I just got my new macbook pro and need to switch some files and videos. Is there an easy way to get .avi and .wmv files to a format that a mac can read? Or a program I can download to watch these files? -Alex
  5. Ba-Riedo

    My new tow rig

    For the past few months I have been looking for a new tow rig, I wanted 4 real doors and a short bed on a diesel truck. The newer the better, but I didn't want to spend over 15k. I finally settled on this 2003 dodge 2500: It has just over 200k on the odometer, but the two previous owners...
  6. Ba-Riedo


    First time over, it was fun.:) -Alex
  7. Ba-Riedo

    Walker work party saturday!!!!

    This weekend the DNR is hosting a work party up at Walker Valley ORV park in Mt. Vernon, here is the post from NWW: Thread: -Alex
  8. Ba-Riedo

    Quasi pic request- swing down rear tire carrier

    Looking for pics, threads, TECH, of any swing down rear tire carriers. I have seen a few on here but can't find the threads now. Since I pissed off a mod tech mod by "requesting pics" there, I am trying again here.:confused1 -Alex
  9. Ba-Riedo

    Moab Rim

    Oops...:D -Alex
  10. Ba-Riedo

    ARB type switches

    Where have you guys gotten ARB type carling rocker switches? I am having a hard time finding the switches I need. They need to have two lights, and I would prefer them to be just on/ off. I also need blue lenses that say different things on them. I feel like I used to be able to find this...
  11. Ba-Riedo

    Moonshiners Swap Meet

    Theirs a thread about this in the forsale section but not everyone goes in there so... The moonshiners swap meet is this Sunday! 9am- 4pm at the Puyallup fairgrounds. Master-Pull will have a booth there and we will have a ton of items...
  12. Ba-Riedo

    late model drivers side door handle

    The Hammers didn't think I should return with all my door handles so now I am looking for a new one. I need drivers side door handle, front if it matters. PM me if you have one. -Alex
  13. Ba-Riedo


    Did I spot a pic of you working on Dustin Websters buggy wearing some Master-Pull swag? Or is there another Cal running around with some MP swag? -Alex
  14. Ba-Riedo


    Glad you finally showed up here, post up and show us your jeeps and quads. Oh and you better bring Keil to noobfest.:cool: -Alex
  15. Ba-Riedo

    Snowboard boots

    After 6 years my solomon boots are toast, I have been through 2 boards in the meantime but never decided to get new boots. So now I am going to start looking but what do you guys like? I don't ride in the park much, mostly in the trees and some backcountry stuff, some groomed as well. -Alex
  16. Ba-Riedo

    You know what we are missing?

    A good thread hi-jack. I don't think Joe, Matt or anyone else has hi-jacked someones thread and rambled for 10+ pages for at least a year.:doh: -Alex
  17. Ba-Riedo

    People with the BDS long arm bellypan---

    Does anyone have one off a vehicle they can measure? Or know the sizes of the mounts on the pan? I am trying to get a BDS bellypan to use for a 3 link and then build my own custom arms. Looking at the pictures they seem to use a small RE Superflex joint for the frame end upper, which is good...
  18. Ba-Riedo

    What a weekend

    This weekend has been fricken crazy and busy, I now have my new front axle swapped into my jeep thanks to Opie and Pat at Those Guys. A big thanks for both of their help and work they did to make sure the axle was right before I took off late saturday evening, you guys both rock. If anyone on...
  19. Ba-Riedo

    XP computer help (setting up wireless)

    So my laptop was having some issues and I decided to use the reboot disks that I had from Dell to go back to the original settings. Now that that is all done I installed the original operating system and Dell Tools System Software CD but I can't get the internet to work... I can't manually...
  20. Ba-Riedo

    Rig of the year

    Vote for me guys! :party: -Alex