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  1. GoSlowGetStuck

    Winterfest 2020 pre-registration is CLOSED!!!

    Pre-registration OPEN until 11:59 PM Eastern Standard Time (Attica Time) on Sunday, February 16th Please complete pre-registration here: CLICK HERE A few notes and some changes from last year: - If you have multiple people that each want a full registration (sticker/dinner/dash...
  2. GoSlowGetStuck

    Winterfest pre-registration is NOW closed. ***see inside for further***

    Pre-registration CLOSED at 11:59 PM Eastern Standard Time (Attica Time) on Sunday, February 17th You can still register on site. The fee will be $50 and will include a name tag, dash plaque, event sticker, Tshirt (sizes vary on supply left in stock), and a dinner ticket. Registration for...
  3. GoSlowGetStuck

    Pre-registration for Winterfest 2018 is now OPEN til February 17th!

    Pre-registration will CLOSE at 11:59 PM Eastern Standard Time (Attica Time) on Saturday, February 17th Link to Registration Form Copy and paste link: A few notes: We are moving away from PayPal, so please pay with a credit/debit card directly...
  4. GoSlowGetStuck

    Saturday night meal at VFW

    I am talking to Robie's about catering again this year since let's face it, it's Attica and they are the only game in town. I'm looking for input on the meal, maybe trying something different. One suggestion was a taco bar, what does everyone think? The old standby is pot roast and veggies...
  5. GoSlowGetStuck

    Winterfest 2017 Registration is CLOSED

    Registration CLOSED at 6 PM Eastern Time on Monday, February 13th! Click here for the registration form. Or copy and paste this link if you have problems: PM GoSlowGetStuck if you have any issues or need to change something...
  6. GoSlowGetStuck

    About me - running for MWC Treasurer

    I'm a little late to the game here and I apologize. My name is Brad and I'm running for treasurer of our chapter. We've had 3 very sharp, well-organized treasurers over the 8 or so years I've been involved with the club. I'm hoping I can live up to the standard they've set. A little about me...
  7. GoSlowGetStuck

    Rooster's Nest cabin available

    I currently have a reservation for this cabin (arriving Wednesday night and leaving Sunday), but will be staying in a different cabin now and no longer need it. Post up or PM me if you want it.
  8. GoSlowGetStuck

    WTB D30 DS knuckle

    I need a driver's side D30 knuckle. Chrysler style (91-01) not the older AMC style. I just need the bare knuckle. Seems like the kind of thing someone here would have sitting in a box under their workbench. Thanks in advance!
  9. GoSlowGetStuck

    Bilstein 5100s - front, 5-6" lift

    These are part number 24-185943, for 5-6" of lift. I screwed up my measurements in several ways, and now I need a set for less lift, so I'm passing the savings on to you. These were never used or even bolted in, just set in place to realize my screw-up. I originally paid $165, and allegedly...
  10. GoSlowGetStuck

    WTB: Ford 8.8" disc brake parts

    At minimum, I'm looking for the backing plates that I can adapt to put on my rear Dana 44, hardware would be great too. I'd gladly pay $20 per side for these at the pick n pull but I don't think I'll have time to get down there soon. I can buy calipers/rotors/pads separate, otherwise if...
  11. GoSlowGetStuck

    FS: D30/8.25, gas tanks, misc. stuff

    Leftover parts from the build. All parts are in Linden, Indiana. Anything here is deliverable to Redbird. Dana 30, 3.55 gears, stock steering, control arms are probably seized and need cut off. $150 Chrysler 8.25, 3.55 gears, working limited slip. $150 Good clockspring 97+. $50 Good...
  12. GoSlowGetStuck

    New build: Tealie

    Well, this is my 4th trail rig and something like my 10th Jeep overall, and I've never done a build thread. So it's long overdue! :D I ramble on a lot so I will try and use lots of pictures to break things up. So I had this black 99 XJ, which was already lifted when I got it with stock axles...
  13. GoSlowGetStuck

    Badlands Sat. 4/27

    I'll be out there this weekend with at least two rigs, maybe a beat up Xterra, who knows. Just seeing if anyone else happens to be going, we can meet up and run some trails. It will just be a day trip for me, arrive between 9 and 10am and wheel till mid-afternoon.
  14. GoSlowGetStuck

    Jayco J slide-in, pop-up camper - $1500

    Since I sold my pickup, I'm selling my camper. I believe it is a late 80s, maybe early 90s model, but it is in great shape for the age. I bought this a couple years ago from another member here and hauled it in an F350 dually for a while and then in a short bed 2500HD. It's an 8' camper, but...
  15. GoSlowGetStuck

    2004.5 Duramax 4x4 crew cab - $16000

    All good things come to an end. Picked this up right before the Crawl last year and have put about 12,000 miles on it. I'm selling because I don't use it enough to justify the payment every month. - 2004.5 GMC Sierra 2500HD, crew cab short bed - LLY Duramax - 5-speed Allison automatic...
  16. GoSlowGetStuck

    Axles: 8.8, 8.25, HP30, misc other stuff

    Changed my mind on some things and now I've got some stuff that needs a home. - Ford 8.8, 31-spline, 4.88 gears, PowerTrax no-slip, Riddler diff cover - however it does need perches, shock mounts, companion flange - $325 - Chrysler 8.25, 29-spline, 3.55 gears, Lock-Right, RuffStuff diff cover...
  17. GoSlowGetStuck

    Looking for a 4.0 long block, 0630 head preferred

    On my new-to-me 97 I attempted to replace my #2 piston with one that didn't have a hole in it, and new rings, but it still runs like crap. Finally got smart and actually did a compression test and it's beyond hope. Testing with oil in the cylinders didn't help so I've got bad valves, major...
  18. GoSlowGetStuck

    1997 Ford F-350, Crew Cab 7.3, $6000

    Well I've had this on craigslist for a month and so far I've had one guy who definitely wants it but I haven't heard from him again, so... not holding my breath for that. First things first... miles. When I bought the truck last August the odometer did not work, but it ran and drove well so I...
  19. GoSlowGetStuck

    DirtBound Offroad lead time

    I contacted DirtBound Offroad (WebDog) via PM about a Mojave Cut & Fold Rear Bumper on on January 24th. I asked about lead time and was told "It would ship in 2-3 weeks, probably a little less as I am not super busy at the moment." I specifically asked "So even assuming a week for shipping...
  20. GoSlowGetStuck

    Lockright 8.25 29spl - no room for C-clip

    Alright, finally got enough parts to start working on my 99 XJ, made great progress getting everything tore apart. I have an Aussie for the D30 and a brand new Lockright for the 29-spline 8.25. I've installed front lockers several times but have never had the pleasure of dealing with a rear...