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  1. Swamprat

    oh dear, not again....

    Well, here I was getting married and what not. Just trying to move on from the dozen or so XJ/MJs I have owned. Trying to build a normal life, around an old beat down Chevy like most people do. Then F-ing Flores gave us another LWB 2wd MJ, because we all know what happened to my last one...
  2. Swamprat

    wtb: XJ

    anyone have a nice stock XJ or know of an XJ for sale? Im in the market for a new daily. so yeah, XJ hunting.
  3. Swamprat

    D30 3.73+ LSD

    i have a WJ D30 LSD, should be in working order. i am no longer going to need it. $20 or trade for something, a complete stock exhaust or stock suspension maybe. I am located in Sherman, can meet in the northern bit of DFW -Ian
  4. Swamprat

    WTB: stock suspension and axles

    i need stock lower control arms, front coils, rear leaves, uncut front fenders, a HP30 in 3.55 (disco or not) and a rear axle in 3.55 (d35/8.25) can pick up in or around dallas, and obviously cheaper the better. -Ian
  5. Swamprat

    Colorado is stupid

    guess who is coming back home? lost my job(s) and cant afford to stay. so, we're packing our junk and heading back to the land of heat and no elevation changes. so yeah, stuff and things and what not. i'll be back making RRC boring again :laugh2:
  6. Swamprat

    So, i'm having to move out of state

    jobs and my money dried up, so i'm having to move back to Texas and live with family and hopefully get back on my feet. which means i cant be CO chapter BOD really. its hard to run around trying to talk to random people with XJs when im 700 miles away. so, yeah we have to be out of our rent...
  7. Swamprat

    Question for you air shock guys.

    I have a set of 16" travel Fox 2.0 air shock, I got a while back for my MJ truggy before changing things up on the build. Now I'm thinking about re-valving and running them up front. i have an idea of how to run them up front. Basically chopping out the bump tower and coil area and running a...
  8. Swamprat

    parts train to Texas

    i'll be heading from the Springs to Dallas in the next week or so. so if someone needs something hauled from somewhere up here to anywhere in between i will be empty on the trip there. the return trip I will have my old ford truck on the trailer and pulling my blazer on a dolly so i can fit a...
  9. Swamprat

    parts train from Co springs to Dallas

    i will be heading back home to get my old ford out of my grandparents driveway in the next week or so. if you need anything from here to there or vise versa let me know now and we can work something out. i will be empty heading here and mostly full on the return trip. axles, tires, wheels, body...
  10. Swamprat

    ROM 2015 stats

    I need to know, our rig/participant count for ROM. As well as how much we raised for land use donations, and our expenditures for the event. I understand i was out of the loop for this, but national needs the info. Either i need to know or Cottontail. yes I know it says Colorado, but i'm told it...
  11. Swamprat

    Xj tank in the bed problems

    I just put an xj tank in the bed of my truck, and its reading way high. Nearly empty in the xj reads just over a half a tank on my mj. Could it be that the tank is angled too far forwards or backwards? Has anyone else had any issues like this?
  12. Swamprat

    Mj 23 gallon gas tank.

    So I bought this gas tank to replace the old one with a broken baffle. Turns out im going to end up not using it. I spent somewhere north of $175 with shipping. I'll take $150 to get rid of it. -Ian
  13. Swamprat

    chapter funds and paypal account

    what do we want to do about this? i cant get the Paypal account straight, and national doesnt seem to ever have information for me. we dont have a physical account and we cant seem to get one by ourselves.
  14. Swamprat

    A question for you spring under guys

    How much lift are yall running? And how? I'm trying to do something different here and remain springs under, but still net maybe 5" or so of lift. i've thought about re-arching some 64" leafs. My problem with that is all the leafs I can find are for heavier trucks. Also thought about going...
  15. Swamprat

    got bored tonight

    might have had some drinks as well, and toyed with bobbing ideas i like the last one most opinions?
  16. Swamprat

    5x5/5x5.5 to 5x4.5 adapters $75

    As the title states i have a set of 4 adapters to go form 5x5/5x5.5 to 5x4.5. I used them on my Ford, to run some stock tires off my jeep till i took them off. Now i have no use for them, $75 takes them. located in Sherman, can meet in the McKinney or Allen area. -ian
  17. Swamprat

    4 225/75r15 highway treads on 5x4.5 aftermarket wheel

    i have an almost new set of 4 Hankook optimo tires (225/75r15) wrapped on some chrome 10 hole steel wheels 3.75 BS. i put about 3000 miles on them after buying them new before going to a bigger size, now i dont need them. $400 takes them, or trade for some 5" xj coils, snorkel, aftermarket...
  18. Swamprat

    wtb: 23 spline np231

    need a working 231 in 23 spline flavor, and the shifter too. i finally decided against my 23 spline 242. -ian
  19. Swamprat

    wtb: more more fenders....

    killed one of my fenders making a turn today. so i need a set of 84-96 fenders.
  20. Swamprat

    Gas tank stuff

    So the baffle has beat my pump hanger to death and now it leaks where the welds for the inlet and outlet lines broke. Other than finding a new hanger, what are my options? Cherokee tank or a fuel cell in the back is about the only options i can think of.