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  1. Boatwrench

    CPS Bracket Modification

    Many years ago, I think it was 5-90, modified the mounting bracket of a CPS opening the holes into a U Shape. The opens were 90* from each other. Prior to reinstalling the bolts would be partially installed and then the first u-slot slipped onto the bolt and then rotating the CPS would engage...
  2. Boatwrench

    two projects

    1988 MJ 6cyl 5-spd 2wd & 1988 XJ 6cyl auto 4wd Both need work. MJ has a by-passed heater core and noisy trans in 4th gear. Recently lost oil pressure because it sat in the driveway for about 14 months. I tried to manually prime pump with no luck. Ran the engine to move MJ into garage, less...
  3. Boatwrench

    Need editorial filler?

    Just keep running the same old tired article, don't need to update the photos any either. sigh
  4. Boatwrench

    Apprentice Opportunities

    Please read here for information about an upcoming job fair. I have been trying to get an apprentice program set up for the last 20 years.
  5. Boatwrench

    2WD Comanche

  6. Boatwrench

    Stroker - any regrets?

    No one likes to admit they erred, whether paying to much for something or making a modification that didn't quite deliver as expected. My not so much anymore DD needs an engine overhaul. Anyone have any regrets about rebuilding theirs as a stroker? I am one of those guys that doesn't like to...
  7. Boatwrench

    4.0L Engine Swap

    My 00XJ engine has lost oil pressure and sounds like broken glass. I can get a 2005 4.0 engine with 30K miles and was wondering if the bell housing & motor mount bosses are the same or will some custom work need to occur? Thanks, Tom
  8. Boatwrench

    Fuel Pump Replacement

    1988 2WD MJ 4.0L w/5spd. The fuel pump hasn't quit (yet) but is noisy and when starting both hot or cold has a drawn out cranking time before starting. Years ago with my 88XJ it was the fuel pump check valve allowing fuel to drop back into the tank & pressure to drop. I crawled under the MJ...
  9. Boatwrench

    Rear of Engine oil leak

    Is there a cam plug or some other plug on the backside of the 4.0 that would leak oil? I get a few drips out the inspection cover and the rear main seal area is dry.
  10. Boatwrench

    Job Openings - Bus Oil change, lube & fueling

    San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency is hiring Class 7410 Automotive Service Workers. The majority of employees in this class work 6PM-2:30AM fueling & checking lubrication levels in diesel buses. Employees working those hours are usually senior and make 15% shift differential on top...
  11. Boatwrench

    North Korea

    Sony makes a movie for $44M. Probably going to lose money at the box office. Sony gets hacked, e-mails about problematic over paid actors released. Sony pulls the film The Interviewer from circulation. Tries to get USA to purchase rights to film. Loud uproar from stand up citizenry of the USA...
  12. Boatwrench

    Machinists Needed

    San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) is hiring Maintenance Machinists. These guys run the lathes that true the steel wheels on the trains. They rebuild the HVAC units, air (brake) compressors and other small components. There are 26 openings and the youngest guy could...
  13. Boatwrench

    SF Muni is hiring machinists

    Information Here
  14. Boatwrench

    Hiring Machanics

    7381 Automotive Mechanics SF Muni is hiring. There will be hirings as early as Jan/Feb 2015. A bunch of people will retire in the next year. A new shop is being built which will need 30-40 mechanics. Bus service is expanding and that will be 10-12 more positions also. Foreman are retiring...
  15. Boatwrench

    CHP Hiring

    Per this website the CHP has a four day window for accepting applications. Good Luck to those applying.
  16. Boatwrench


    Anyone heard of a product called MeetEarl?
  17. Boatwrench

    All kinds of Jobs

    City & County of San Francisco is in a hiring frenzy. Look here for all the different types of jobs. It's a slow process, generally a year and a half start to finish but worth the patience.
  18. Boatwrench

    Hiring Electric Motor Rewinders

    Dying art it seems. San Francisco is hiring. Good pay & benefits. Look here Use me as a reference: Tom Curran if you apply shoot me a PM letting me know.
  19. Boatwrench

    San Francisco Transit Need Body & Fender Repair people

    It seems like bumper cars out there and the transit agency is looking for folks that can repair the damage. The info is here in the Sierra Chapter forum.
  20. Boatwrench

    Hiring Body men

    San Francisco Muni needs at least 5 bodymen in the next year and probably an additional five the following year. Good pay, excellent medical and a pension also. Follow the directions here to apply and read the minimum qualifications. You can use me for a reference: Tom Curran In your...